When mommy is sick does the world stop spinning?

You guessed it I am sick. Ugh, I absolutely positively hate being sick. I am the whiniest, most unbearable sick person ever. I was feeling a little funny yesterday but I figured it was just my lingering sinus infection. At about 3:30 this morning Avery climbed into my bed and woke me up. That’s when it all went to hell in a hand basket. My throat felt like it had razors in it and my nose was stuffed to the brim. Great. I had so much on the to do list today but now it will probably get pushed to the side. Oh did I mention Avery is getting some more teeth? I wish I could keep her mouth open long enough to count those suckers cause I would think she should be getting close to having all of them. So she is just a little cranky herself and having a fever off and on. She is still going strong at 7:50 a.m. so this is going to be a very long day.

Now as I sit and type this I am giving myself a pep talk on going to the store. Of course when I opened up the fridge I saw we are low on milk (the only thing Avery will drink) we need roasts to grind up venison (yay meat in the freezer!) and we have no cold medicine. I keep telling myself you can do this; go to the store or you will regret it. I have already mapped out my route so I can be home as soon as possible. I hope this post makes some sort of sense as my head is plugged and I keep day dreaming while writing. I took a Benadryl last night and for some reason it makes me feel like I am floating above my body. I apologize if it doesn’t and maybe I will learn my lesson and wait until I feel better to write.

I am going to say something that may be a little taboo. Doesn’t it seem like when mommy is sick life just keeps going and she better wipe her nose and throw in a cough drop and keep going. And sometimes when other people are sick they get taken care of a little more. Use your imagination for the other people I am talking about. Maybe I am just on a rant today because I don’t feel good and as I mentioned before I am kinda whiny when I am ill. Of course I don’t expect my two-year old to take care of me.

I wish I could say that I will be watching some of my fave movies today and enjoying couch time but that isn’t so. I have a toddler pulling on me and upset about her own troubles. But if I did get a couple glorious hours to indulge in movie time here are some of my top picks.

Steel Magnolias

Terms of Endearment

The Evening Star (sequel to Terms of Endearment)

Julie & Julia

It might not be a great idea to indulge in a huge cry-fest when you are ill but I would definitely risk it. I am sure these are obvious picks but I have met someone who had never seen the first two. I of course borrowed them to her asap. If you are in and out of consciousness due to being ill maybe you will only be awake during the funny parts 😉

I am hoping for a little rest tonight when husband gets home from hunting. The one thing that could make my day better is if he brings home some more meat for the freezer (and if I rejoined the world instead of floating above it)  I love having that ground venison in the freezer throughout the year. It makes meals a lot easier and cheaper. We can talk more about that later. Sorry Benadryl tangent. My coffee is starting to kick in and I am getting a small burst of hazy energy so it’s off to the store for me. (Maybe I should get a ride) Unfortunately, the world has not stopped and I have a little woman who is very upset because I didn’t hold her hand so back to reality.

Just need a little pick me up

2 thoughts on “When mommy is sick does the world stop spinning?

  1. Hate that you are feeling sick! You are right though when mommy is sick we are supposed to just keep going. Daddy sick and the whole world stops lol! My 2yo is getting his molars right now so we have had some rough nights. It’s the only time he is a fussy sleeper, hope it gets better soon. Hugs!!

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