I am a dot com!!

Well folks it is here!! My website that is. My theme is in place and I have started decorating!! I have moved all of my posts and I am so glad that part is over!!!! There is more decorating and widgets to add but I just couldn’t wait any longer 😉 So my new home on the internet is here!! Now keep in mind I still have things to do.

I thought and thought about when I should share my new site. I had always planned to have everything ready to go before I shared it. Between Avery needing me and my house falling apart around me I realized it will take me a lot longer to move then I thought. So even though I am probably doing the wrong thing I am going to share it early 🙂 Last night when I started moving things I got a little nostalgic about this site and my old posts. I wish I could stay here but if I want to keep moving forward I need to have a site that is my own. Even though this is a very exciting news step for me it is scary too. I could fall flat on my face and have a sad little website that looks like a ghost town. I could lose all of my followers due to broken links or having to re-subscribe. Oh the thoughts I have had. When I first saw my new site I had a little feeling that I am moving in the right direction.

From this point forward I will not longer be posting new blog entries on this site. If you would like to come with me just click the link that I shared above and it will take you to my new site. You can still subscribe by email to my new site and follow me on Facebook and the Twitter 🙂 As much as I love my little spot on the internet here it is time to say goodbye to wordpress.com and hello to wordpress.org 🙂 Thank you all so much for supporting me on this site and I look forward to seeing you at my new home!!

New Blog Header


The times they are a changin’

Yes, my little spot of the internet is hopefully going in a new direction. After much research, thought and general annoying the crap out of the people around me I have finally decided to become a dot com. I am still in the beginning stages and it is far from complete yet but I am hoping in the next week I will be able to let you all see my new website. There is lots to do like transferring posts and making sure my site is user-friendly. I am hoping for a very smooth transition so fingers crossed on that one. Since I am not very knowledgeable on the tech side of things this could prove to be a very interesting time for my blog.

I have been researching like crazy for months and for some reason today I decided to take the plunge. The only problem is that I am barely able to keep my head above water. Avery was not the most excited when I was a little busy today so she decided to break a chair and dump a whole box of cereal on the floor amongst other things. Then of course the wheels started spinning and I was thinking that I made the wrong decision. Since I really don’t know much about websites I feel really lost. Maybe I am in over my head or maybe I am over thinking this whole thing and it will turn out great. Or maybe I will form a huge case of writers block and never write again and then I will be stuck with this website that has a whole bunch of old posts on it. Gah! Too much thinking. So I went for a hike tonight to hopefully clear my head.

After a great hike I decided that I am making the right decision for me and my little blog. Having my own domain name will give me more freedom to submit posts to other outlets etc. I will also just have a little more freedom in general. I am excited, nervous, confused and I have just a general upset stomach.

So now that I have totally confused you and probably given you some of my nervous energy I will drop a little knowledge on you. For now everything with this blog stays the same. I will be here until my new site is ready. When that happens I will announce it on here with a link and I will also be changing all of my links on social media to my new site. From what I gather all email followers will be directed to my new site. Of course I will welcome all suggestions on the new site. I really want it to be easy to use so if there are any problems, links that go nowhere or posts missing please let me know. I am going to do my best to make this a smooth transition and I am hoping all you will have to do is click like usual and get to my corner of the world 🙂 Thank you all for reading and following me and I hope you will join me on my new site 🙂



IMG_20150410_073340 IMG_20150410_073409 IMG_20150410_073414 IMG_20150410_073442 IMG_20150410_073536 IMG_20150410_073614

Today was going to be the day that I was going to take pictures and hit publish on a post I have been working on about my yard. I am super excited about the things that are coming up and some plans I have for flower beds. Since our yard is new to me it is fun to see what is all coming up this Spring.

This morning I woke up to snow. Omg! This stuff will not go away. We had some much needed rain all day yesterday and some time during the night it changed over to heavy and wet snow. I see everyone else is boycotting shoveling so I am glad we are all on the same page. Shoveling in October stinks. Shoveling in April is depressing. From what I understand we are to have highs in the 60’s this weekend so hopefully we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I decided to go out and take some pictures of the plants that are peeking out of the snow and the general messiness. It was literally raining melting snow on my head when I went out. Since there is so much slush it is like walking in a kiddie pool. Blurg. One of the spots I am planning on making into a nice flower bed looks like it has a moat around it. I guess that is what happens when you buy a house at the bottom of a hill (again) We must love a wet basement and a soggy yard. Of course Percy has to walk in the water in the basement so there are dirty kitty tracks all over the dining room floor. I thought cats didn’t like water? Even Avery is looking out the window like “What the what?” She has so been enjoying her time outside so I am sure this snow puts a damper on her plans to get muddy and run around like a wild animal.

Even though this snow literally takes the wind out of my sails (no hiking or digging in my yard) Well maybe not literally because I am not going sailing but you get the picture. Our neighbors to the South ended up with severe weather last night with some tornadoes. We are very lucky to not have that type of weather and of course we are thinking about them and wishing them the best. You can see the pictures I shared above that I took this morning of this white junk and I am hoping these will be the last pictures of snow for a while. If you have any pictures of what Spring is really supposed to look like feel free to share them with me:) I would love to see some flowers or a babbling brook 🙂 You can share them on my Facebook page Welcome to my World  or tweet me up on the Twitter to @6480Autumn.

10 Inspiring Life Lessons From A Brave Mom -TIP Article

Hey everyone!! I was asked to write a guest post for Tuned In Parents. Of course I happily accepted and I think it was a great opportunity 🙂 You can find my post here http://tunedinparents.com/2015/04/03/10-inspiring-life-lessons-from-a-brave-mom/ If you have a chance give it a read and let me know what you think!!

In other news we are getting ready for Easter over here so that means a Saturday morning trip to the grocery store. I am going to try and sneak in a quick hike at the arboretum first so hopefully I will be nice and relaxed 😉 We are not doing the traditional Easter ham we actually were given a beef tenderloin so we are going to grill that up with mushrooms and wrap it in bacon. Oh my mouth is watering already! Then we have an Easter egg hunt planned for later in the afternoon with my bestie and her kids so that should be a blast!

We were able to get (gasp!) a babysitter Thursday night so we were able to help personal trainer celebrate at his retirement party. It was tons of fun! Judging from the tiny headache I had yesterday I may have had a little too much fun 😉 Luckily Avery took a nap yesterday so I was able to rest. Avery was very busy “shopping” with her shopping cart yesterday and playing with her toys (she was trying to ignore me). I think she was a little upset with me that I wasn’t home for bedtime on Thursday night. Friday morning when she woke up she wouldn’t look at me or talk to me. I was good enough to hold her hand and rub her feet though 😉  I also found an alarming present by the mailbox yesterday that Percy had left for us. A mole. You all know how much I hate mice and moles are in the same category. I wondered why Percy refused to come in the house on Thursday and now I know. Of course we had to let him know how proud we were of him.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!!

We’re all adults here…. Right?

Unfortunately, that is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately. It seems like I jumped on a time machine and landed in middle school. You remember middle school right? The time when everyone was “finding” themselves and learning how to be really nasty to other people if they didn’t agree with or like what other said people were doing. Ugh, I was so glad that time was behind me. The bullying, the name calling, the whispers and just downright mean behavior. Oh but wait it happens again when you are an adult. Don’t get me wrong I am no angel. I catch myself gossiping and criticizing others too. But I really thought that being an adult meant we were all going to try to act like it.

I try very hard to be conscious of what I am doing and saying especially around kids. They are so impressionable and what adults say and do in front of them they will go and do the same. I wish everyone would could try to watch themselves as well. Again, I am not perfect and things slip but when they do I try to explain that is was wrong of me to say or do that.

Back to us “adults”  More than once I have wondered things like “Am I at the grocery store or back in middle school gym class?” Or the even better ponder “Am I at work or on the playground?” I guess I was wrong in assuming that people should and would be held to a higher professional standard when they were working. Between all of the tattling and backstabbing the workplace can get really old. I mean can’t we just do what we came here for? You know that thing called work; let’s try that. Let’s face it we are all different and unique human beings. We are not always going to see eye to eye and we all have different opinions on how things should get done. We don’t all have to be best friends but we do have to work together. Work can sometimes be stressful enough without all of this childish behavior. (I know I am not working right now; just basing this on fond memories) Sometimes when I go out and about I am wearing yoga pants. To me that is perfectly acceptable. They are usually black or grey in color and I don’t feel that they are too tight. Other times I go shopping I am wearing jeans with a scarf or nice top. Apparently the cereal aisle has turned into the catwalk and I missed the memo. I thought I was just at the store to pick up some cereal not be judged by my outfit.

I see tons of stories on bullying all over social media. These kids go to school and get ridiculed on what they look like, how they dress or their likes and dislikes. I like to follow my old standard “If you are nice to me and treat me with respect, I will like you back.” I really could care less if your shirt has a hole in it or you like to (gasp) read books. If you are nice and friendly to me I will be the same to you. You kind of can predict that kids are going to be mean to each other at some point because they are learning how this world works. But we as adults should know better.

Then there is social media. Ugh. I love it and I hate it. Sometimes logging into Facebook is like walking into the cafeteria and not having anyone to sit with. Then we have the lovely passive aggressiveness or the straight out calling people on their shit. Well guess what I feel it is better to pick up the phone and call that person instead of re-posting something that nobody really knows what the heck you are talking about anyway. Then assumptions are made and we are back in middle school.

Nobody is perfect and I am fully aware of that. We are all going to say things that we don’t mean out of anger or frustration. But let’s try to take a step back and really think about what is going to fly out of our mouth. It is a lot more calming and pleasant to be nice to each other than being rude and mean. You never know what is going on with someone else in their personal life so know the whole story or try to before you judge. We are supposed to be adults and be an example for others. Let’s try to do that. Maybe in the future we can just say we’re all adults with no question.

Meanwhile at the grocery store….

This morning I awoke way earlier than I had been planning too. When I looked at the clock it said 6:15. Dang I was hoping to sleep in until at least 7:00 but alas I was awake so I decided to make the most of this unplanned early morning. A trip to the grocery store was looming and after I had enough coffee to give me the shakes I was off.

I usually avoid the grocery store on Saturday and Sunday mornings because it is so dang busy. the new ad always comes out on Saturday and everyone is raring to go and get the new sale merchandise. But unfortunately the grocery store played a sneaky trick on me. They were running a special two-day sale that started on Saturday. Well played grocery store, well-played. The last time I went to the store in the morning some of the employees asked me what I was doing there so early. The reason behind my early bird trip was because I ran out of creamer for my coffee. They understood.

I thought I was well prepared for all of the chaos at the grocery store. I had my list all ready to go with the correct prices written next to the sale items and how many you could get for the sale price.  I know I am weird but I have been fooled too many times by tags that were worded funny and people literally hitting me with their cart so I was hurried and didn’t purchase the right items. I had a slight sinus headache when I left and when I pulled into the parking lot it turned into a pounding monster. Cars everywhere and people acting like they had never been in public before and walked in a cross walk before. I don’t understand what it is about the grocery store or department stores for that matter that make people lose their manners. Who stands in the cross walk gabbing when cars are waiting to go through? Once in the store the crap storm reached an all time high. People were literally hitting people with their carts and everyone wanted to browse even though they had a line of people behind them. While I was at the checkout someone tried to squeeze their cart in between mine and a display of water. They barely fit through and I thought for sure I would get knocked out by falling bottles of water. I mean seriously is this how I am going to go? Death by water bottle while trying to get some hot deals at the grocery store? Jeez.

I know I am being dramatic but what else am I going to do with my little life? I feel like when you get to the store you should get a name tag explaining your situation. Kinda like the gym t-shirt thing I talked about before. My name tag today would have said. “Got up way earlier than planned.” “Has sinus headache, is on a diet and a budget.” Am I on a strict diet? Heck no! Well, not strict enough to stop me from buying those Red Velvet flavored Oreos. In my defense they are a limited edition. Maybe there should also be little checkpoints at the store too. Where you can scan your list to make sure you have gotten what is on it so you don’t forget things. Or it could help you stick to healthy eating by saying “Bitch please; those cookies are not part of your diet.” Okay maybe the last one isn’t a good idea. Also a small tape measure in every cart would be nice. So when the silly person that tries to wedge between you or your cart; you can pull that sucker out and be like “Nope sorry.” “You can back yourself up.”

Even though going to the grocery store was awful today I did have some good things happen. I made friends with an elderly gentleman in the parking lot when he complimented me on how clean my car was. I also had two funny little boys listing off all of my items while they were on the conveyor belt. It was super cute 🙂 Oh and I did get those hot deals. I am now the proud owner of 23 cans of cream of mushroom soup. Laugh now but I can guarantee you it won’t be funny when it’s summer and you have to pay $1.79 for it instead of a $1.00. Meanwhile I will be making awesome recipes with all of my cream soup 😉

If any grocery store owners read this or people in upper management seriously think about my suggestions. I think they are very well thought out and maybe even trendsetting.

Am I ever going to be this happy at the store? Probably not.
Am I ever going to be this happy at the store? Probably not.

World Book Day

Ahhh it’s World Book Day. I don’t know about you but I absolutely love books! (Pretty obvious huh?) Even though I don’t get the chance to read very much anymore I still want to celebrate this very important day 🙂 I am actually diving into a new book; so exciting! I love getting a new book and I even love the smell of them. I know I am weird but I really do love the smell of books. I don’t think I could ever read off of an electronic device. There is just something about a book that makes me happy. I tried reading an intro to a book on my iPod and I hated it. I didn’t hate the book I just didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t holding the actual book.

I have always thought that it is very important for kids to be introduced to books at a young age. That is until I had my own. The first time Avery ripped a book apart I wanted to cry. But I learned to look past the ripping and buy inexpensive books 😉 She still at times rips books up but I love the fact that she loves to look at books. The only time we can really get her to settle down and read to her is at bedtime but I bet at least five times a day she picks up a book and pages through it. I loved going to the library when I was a kid and I would check out as many books as I could. I am hoping Avery loves it as much as I did and still do ❤ I had the best Librarian in the whole world when I was little. Her name was Ms. Pat and she always let me go in the back of the Library where they stored extra copies of books and kept the new ones when they came in.

So on this our nations day of celebration for books tell me what your favorite book or books are. I know it is hard to pick just one so I totally understand if you have a couple 😉 What are your child or children’s favorite books? Do you have any favorite memories from going to your local Library as a kid or a favorite book from your childhood?

World Book Day
Some of our favorites ❤