Why would I need to look nice

This morning we have been busy getting ready because I have a Doctor’s appointment. Lately we have just been busy getting out and doing things. (I am trying to not be such a homebody) This morning while I was giving Avery a bath I realized something; there is no way I am actually going to get a shower in before we go. (Except the small one I got when I turned the water on because someone left the shower on) Lately I have been so busy getting Avery ready and cleaning the house I really have not been doing anything for myself. My hair needs to be done and I am lucky if I get any make-up on before I leave the house. I usually have good intentions but then something happens. Last week Avery decided it would be better to play in the toilet and rub her butt on her chalkboard table then it was for me to get ready. I did get my nails painted last night by some of the little’s that I watch 🙂 Not that I need to be all done up but it would be nice to leave the house without stains on my shirt and my hair a mess. Avery has started “doing” my hair. She plays with it for a while and then “checks” her work by looking me in the face and smiling. Maybe someday I will have someone do my hair that is not a toddler 😉 Don’t get me wrong when I look at Avery with her cute piggy tails, freshly bathed and a cute outfit it makes me happy to have my own little cutie to dress up. I just hope in the near future that I will have the chance to get a little fancy. Until then it will be headbands and yoga pants for me. (sigh)

2014-11-24 001 001
Little manicure 🙂 They told me they were licensed by the elementary school they go to.