It’s award season!!

Here I am at the podium in my beautiful black dress accepting three awards!! After my beautiful and heartfelt acceptance speech I will be answering questions and there will be an opportunity for a photo-op before I am off to all of the parties. Okay snap back to reality. Here I really am sitting on my couch in black yoga capris and a blue t-shirt. I will be off to the kitchen soon to make supper and wash dishes. So real life isn’t as glamorous as my day dreams. But in real life I do have three awards to accept!! Pretty awesome 🙂  I have to apologize for not posting about them sooner but I was waiting to find some more awesome blogs to nominate for these awards. One award is new to me and the other two I have received in the past. The first award I received was the Versatile Blogger Award! Awesome award and the rules are to just nominate 10 blogs and link back to the person that nominated you. I would like to thank for the nomination and you have a chance stop over and check them out 🙂 Now for the nominees.

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  2. The Joy of Cooking (For Little Assholes)
  3. From Diapers and Tutus to Meetings and Boardrooms
  4. Send Sunshine
  5. The AmeriBrit Mom

And that’s all she wrote. Sorry I always fall short but hey it’s my blog and I have my own rules 😉 Anyway if you get a minute stop and check these blogs out. It will be well worth it 🙂 The rules for the nominees is to nominate ten other blogs and link back to the person (me) that nominated you, and post the award on your blog.

The next award that I received was the One Lovely Blog Award. Two time winner!! I was nominated by The AmeriBrit Mom. Now you really have to stop and check her out because she is mentioned in this post twice 😉

The final award is the Real Neat Blog Award. Second time 🙂 I was nominated by Send Sunshine so stop on over and check her out. The rules for this award is to nominate and answer seven questions. I am more than happy to answer these burning questions 🙂 For the nominations I am going to nominate every blogger that comes across this post because I feel we all have Lovely and Neat blogs 🙂 Now for the questions.

  1. What is your favorite T.V or book series? This is a hard one. I am going to go with T.V. because I haven’t read a book series since I was very young. I guess I will go with That 70’s Show. I just love that show!!
  2. Do you prefer…Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner? I would have to go with lunch. There are so many options for lunch. You can do an appetizer with a salad and soup. Or go all out with a big meal. Of course there is an opportunity to have an adult beverage or two 😉 If I am at home I still prefer lunch.
  3. Morning, Noon or Night? Noon. Now that I am a mom noon means we are closing in on nap time. Ahhh how wonderful nap time can be. In our world there is about a 95% chance of a nap happening. Bedtime is always a different story….
  4. The Beach, The Mountains, or a Wide Open Field? The beach. There are so many possibilities at the beach. Swimming, walks, playing in the sand and ice cream. You can also relax with a book 🙂
  5. When was the last time you paid it forward? Hmm I guess I have never done the whole thing where I paid for someone’s coffee or meal. We do like to donate to and attend fundraisers in our community. We are lucky enough to live in a community that really does pull together when someone is in need so there are always steak feeds and other fundraisers to go to. Of course we attend the Pay it Forward pig roast which we were very lucky to be the recipients a couple of years back 🙂 I love to do up a gift basket to donate and participate in all of the raffles.
  6. What is your dream of all dreams? Now that I do have my daughter I would have to say this right now; blogging. Of course in my wildest dreams I would be an author of children’s books and maybe even a cookbook.
  7. Do you have a favorite font or how do you feel about writing in all CAPS? Oh how I love this question!! Yes, I do have a favorite font it is Tahoma!! I really don’t care for all caps unless I am really trying to express a feeling. Neat question I would have never thought to ask this one 🙂

Well folks the dishes (I mean parties) are calling my name so I will have to go for now. Thank you to all of the bloggers that nominated me and to all of the people who stop by and read my blog!! It has been a crazy fun ride so far and I look forward to the future 🙂



We’re all adults here…. Right?

Unfortunately, that is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately. It seems like I jumped on a time machine and landed in middle school. You remember middle school right? The time when everyone was “finding” themselves and learning how to be really nasty to other people if they didn’t agree with or like what other said people were doing. Ugh, I was so glad that time was behind me. The bullying, the name calling, the whispers and just downright mean behavior. Oh but wait it happens again when you are an adult. Don’t get me wrong I am no angel. I catch myself gossiping and criticizing others too. But I really thought that being an adult meant we were all going to try to act like it.

I try very hard to be conscious of what I am doing and saying especially around kids. They are so impressionable and what adults say and do in front of them they will go and do the same. I wish everyone would could try to watch themselves as well. Again, I am not perfect and things slip but when they do I try to explain that is was wrong of me to say or do that.

Back to us “adults”  More than once I have wondered things like “Am I at the grocery store or back in middle school gym class?” Or the even better ponder “Am I at work or on the playground?” I guess I was wrong in assuming that people should and would be held to a higher professional standard when they were working. Between all of the tattling and backstabbing the workplace can get really old. I mean can’t we just do what we came here for? You know that thing called work; let’s try that. Let’s face it we are all different and unique human beings. We are not always going to see eye to eye and we all have different opinions on how things should get done. We don’t all have to be best friends but we do have to work together. Work can sometimes be stressful enough without all of this childish behavior. (I know I am not working right now; just basing this on fond memories) Sometimes when I go out and about I am wearing yoga pants. To me that is perfectly acceptable. They are usually black or grey in color and I don’t feel that they are too tight. Other times I go shopping I am wearing jeans with a scarf or nice top. Apparently the cereal aisle has turned into the catwalk and I missed the memo. I thought I was just at the store to pick up some cereal not be judged by my outfit.

I see tons of stories on bullying all over social media. These kids go to school and get ridiculed on what they look like, how they dress or their likes and dislikes. I like to follow my old standard “If you are nice to me and treat me with respect, I will like you back.” I really could care less if your shirt has a hole in it or you like to (gasp) read books. If you are nice and friendly to me I will be the same to you. You kind of can predict that kids are going to be mean to each other at some point because they are learning how this world works. But we as adults should know better.

Then there is social media. Ugh. I love it and I hate it. Sometimes logging into Facebook is like walking into the cafeteria and not having anyone to sit with. Then we have the lovely passive aggressiveness or the straight out calling people on their shit. Well guess what I feel it is better to pick up the phone and call that person instead of re-posting something that nobody really knows what the heck you are talking about anyway. Then assumptions are made and we are back in middle school.

Nobody is perfect and I am fully aware of that. We are all going to say things that we don’t mean out of anger or frustration. But let’s try to take a step back and really think about what is going to fly out of our mouth. It is a lot more calming and pleasant to be nice to each other than being rude and mean. You never know what is going on with someone else in their personal life so know the whole story or try to before you judge. We are supposed to be adults and be an example for others. Let’s try to do that. Maybe in the future we can just say we’re all adults with no question.

The food wars

Today I realized I am raising a scavenger. Another hard truth also surfaced; she is learning from the best… her mother. I never thought that I would ever hide food from a child until I had one.

I guess we can blame ourselves for some of this scavenger behavior. Avery is a very picky little girl so when she wanted something off of our plate we would give it to her so she would try new things. Of course like most things in parenting it backfired big time. Now everything of ours is fair game. She doesn’t even limit her scavenging to us she will take food out of anyone’s hands or off of their plate. I have had to explain to people that yes, we do feed her she just likes food better if it is on someone else’s plate.

The things I have said and done to be able to eat alone are pretty embarrassing. I am hoping I am not alone in the things I am about to tell you. I have snuck popsicles in my pocket and eaten them upstairs so I don’t have to share. I have eaten things that I really don’t like very much because I knew Avery didn’t like them. A couple of days ago I sliced myself up some summer sausage because in the past Avery refused to eat it so I thought I would be safe. Nope, she started stealing slices off of my plate and running away smiling and laughing like a mad woman. I am glad she ate some form of meat but what kid doesn’t like chicken nuggets but eats summer sausage. We once made Avery sit at the table and try a chicken nugget. She refused until we weren’t looking and she swiped two off of her brother’s plate. After that she is back to refusing. I have hidden food behind my back and the computer screen. One day I was caught eating by someone and they asked why I was in the closet eating. I replied “I don’t want to share this with Avery and you can’t make me!” Who is the toddler here?

It’s amazing to me how kids can hear a wrapper or the crinkling of a chip bag from miles away.  We have resorted to putting chips in a bowl even if she is napping. Trust me she will wake up for chips.The way Avery’s eyes light up when she sees a bag of chips is kinda scary. Now if only her eyes would light up when she saw a plate of meat and veggies we would really have it made. Avery loves most fruit so we are good there. Except grapes and those small orange things called “Cuties” By watching the commercial for “Cuties” I thought everyone loved them. Not my kid. She loves to lick them a little and then shove them in my mouth. Same with grapes. Except the grapes get dangerous because once she is done shoving grapes in her mother’s mouth she tries to put the vine in there. It is a little alarming to have a grape-vine coming at your eyes and mouth at warp speed. (You know I have that thing where I hate things by my eyes) It’s funny and cute when your toddler is “feeding” you until you have an eye patch

Am I the only parent hiding food from children? I really hope not. If Avery is the only scavenger in the world we are in trouble. If you are hiding from your children in closets eating let me know. If you eat openly in front of your children I suggest you come over to the dark side. It is so nice to be able to eat a whole snack alone.

Percy edited
The first beggar. Maybe he taught her…..
Avery edited
See how she is smiling?

Ahhh Hiking

Finally the weather is cooperating and I have been able to get a couple hikes in. I guess mother nature didn’t like seeing me in my workout shorts because we are due for rain/freezing rain/sleet/snow or whatever else can come out of the sky later today. Sorry mother nature, if you would let me get outside I would maybe look a little better 😉 Anyway, it was so nice to get outside and get some hiking in. I knew I missed hiking but I didn’t realize how much until I got to do it again. We have been getting a couple walks in too. Usually the walks are short because Avery is with and it doesn’t take her long to wonder into someone’s yard or just plain get sick of walking. Can’t really blame the gal but it is nice for her to get out too so we walk around the block and come home.

With this time of the year comes ice jams and huge chunks of ice on the shorelines. Of course I snapped a couple of pics of some ice for you all to enjoy. I didn’t get a chance to get any pics of the big ice jam this year but you will get the just of it. Since I am still dealing with a really annoying head cold I am going to cut this one short and let you enjoy the pics I did take. Once this cold is gone (which better be soon) I will get back to blogging more and hopefully cleaning my house too. I felt good enough to hike today for a little while and go on a short walk and now I am back to feeling like a zombie. I am sure if you would have seen me hiking today you would have wondered why I was outside. Between sneezing breaks and clearing my nose breaks I probably looked pretty silly. Don’t worry I took my used Kleenex’s home to dispose of them. I did see used Kleenex on the trails (Eww)

If you have a chance get out and enjoy this weather! If any of you have any pics of the great outdoors feel free to share them. You can share them with me on my Facebook page (Welcome to my World), the twitter (tweet to @6480Autumn) or on here. I love to see what everyone’s world looks like 🙂

Last weekend hiking before the big sickness 🙂
River is open!! (For now)

IMG_20150322_102731 IMG_20150322_102753 IMG_20150322_103320

Sifitng through the positive and the negative

First off I have to give a huge thank you to everyone who has read, shared, commented and messaged me about my last post. I have had the most views I have ever had yesterday and I was pretty dang close to having a record-setting day on Sunday!! So awesome to see all of the views, comments and shares 🙂 I am going through my emails and notifications as we speak so I am hoping I don’t miss anyone. It was an awesome pick me up on a scan day to see my views soaring. Speaking of my scan I passed with an A+ according to my Doctor 😉 It was awesome news to hear but we had to say goodbye to my Oncologist because she is leaving 😦 She did promise me that my next Oncologist would be as smart and nice as she is so that made me feel better. Another positive on scan day; I saw the absolute neatest thing at the clinic I go to. When we walked in we noticed some nurses and Doctors gathered by the door and we both wondered what was going on. After we checked in and sat in the waiting room I noticed an elderly couple walking from the chemo area into the waiting room. Once they got closer to the staff that had gathered by the door everyone started clapping and cheering for them. Then the gentlemen rang a bell because he had just finished his last chemo!! It was really awesome to see that! Oh did I mention the couple was holding hands? Super cute ❤ Since this is only my second scan at this clinic and I didn’t receive my chemo there we had never seen this before. When I finished my last chemo I received a bottle of sparkling grape juice and a little basket full of info about life after treatment. Some of the nurses that I had stopped to see me before I left. Actually the first nurse to administer my chemo gave me my grape juice and told me she asked to be the one to give it to me because she was so proud of me that I finished my chemo 🙂 All of the nurses really made my last day of chemo a pretty awesome day 🙂 All of the positive thoughts and words were and still are greatly appreciated! It is truly wonderful to see and experience medical staff that truly care about their patients. Thank you to all of you for doing what you do!

You are probably wondering what in the world my negative is. Well, on Sunday we learned that someone decided to go on a shopping spree on us at Wal-Mart in a different state. Blurg. I found out something was a miss at the worst place possible. I was innocently swiping my card at the grocery store and it wouldn’t work. So I had to write out; wait for it…. a check! You know those pre-historic things you have lying around that no one uses anymore?  Except for me at the grocery store on an extremely busy Sunday. Somehow these little nerds living in their parents basements have learned how to steal your numbers and put them on another card to be swiped at any destination of their choice. Well, nerds I hope you get scratched by your fake cards and your mom quits cutting the crust off of your sandwiches! It sounds like we will be getting our funds back it will just take a little time. Luckily my card was flagged so these nerds only got two purchases on us. Oh and I filed a police report so watch out nerds I am coming and I love watching mystery shows. Not the fake ones either but real life so I know what I am doing 😉 Sorry for the use of the word “nerd” but I figured the other words I was using for them were not appropriate for a blog. So in-between lab work, my scan and my appointment I got to make a whole bunch of phone calls. Nerds…. I did get a little time to pick up a super cute Super-Woman t-shirt for Avery. But instead of being an adult super-woman she is toddler sized which makes the shirt even cuter.

One more negative is that Avery and I are in the midst of allergies. So we are both wearing a new perfume called Vicks vapo-rub and our world is very foggy. So if this post doesn’t make sense you can thank Mucinex. I think I am the only person in the world that cannot handle taking allergy or cold meds. The only time I took Claritin I swear I had an out-of-body experience. I did find an allergy med that I can handle taking but I needed reinforcements this time (insert Mucinex and a truckload of Kleenex)

Back to positive. I was thinking for like a week that maybe I needed a small break from y house so even though scan day was coming I was excited to get out of the house. Well that feeling lasted for about an hour because once we got to the clinic I saw a little girl who looked just like Avery and it made me miss her terribly. I guess she missed me too because she has been clinging to me ever since I got home yesterday. As far as she knows I was only gone for 5 1/2 hours because she slept until 8:00 a.m. yesterday but I guess that was long enough for her. I take it Percy missed me too because he has also been by my side since I got home. My last positive is that my labs and scan were clear so I was able to wake up this morning and enjoy a very pretty sunrise. I will post a pic and if you look really close you can see the moon. Again thank you all so much for reading and the awesome messages and comments!!


For better or for worse and In sickness and in health

When we got married almost seven long years ago we of course included those words into our vows. “For better or for worse” “In sickness and in health.” When I said those words I never in a million years thought we would endure more sickness than health and so many hard times. In our marriage so far we have endured infertility, loss and cancer. Usually people endure maybe one or two in their lifetime. We got hit with all three. I feel like we were so naïve when we got married to think we would be able to have kids with the snap of our fingers and just have a “normal” life together. (They never tell you in your pre-marriage classes that really bad things can and will happen)

Most of the time I just go with it. This is our life and we deal with it. But then there are those times where it gets pointed out to me how many things we have been through together. One person said to me “If you guys can make it through everything you have been through together; you can make it through anything.” At first I thought “I can’t even imagine what else could happen.” Then I remembered something can always happen.

When we first got married I never dreamed that my husband would be the one to shave my head when I got cancer. I never in a million years imagined we would have to do some of the things we did when we were trying to have a baby. Between testing and procedures we were willing to do anything to have a baby. I never thought we would have to bury our son together.

From the crankiness on my end from fertility meds to staying by my side in the hospital for two weeks while I was on bed rest. When we lost our son we said we would never do things that we didn’t feel comfortable with. What I mean by that is we always make decisions about him or his things together and if one of us doesn’t feel comfortable we don’t do it. We have stuck with it and it seems to work for us. When I found out I had cancer and our daughter was going to be coming two months early we worked it out and dealt with it together.

I think some of the trick to this whole marriage thing and really life in general is you must have a little humor. Even though there was nothing humorous about the things we have been through some how we always found ways to laugh. Sometimes you just have to step back and let the other person freak out. I had many freak outs while I was going through chemo and dealing with our insurance and billing departments. I am surprised someone didn’t rip the phone out of my hand or the people on the other line didn’t hang up. For the most part husband let me have my freak out and then I would be over it. Not that we have mastered marriage by any means but we have learned a lot about each other and how to deal with each other. I dare you to not learn new and sometimes alarming things about someone when you are locked in a small hospital room for two weeks together. Lastly for the love of God talk to each other. I am not saying you have to have a huge therapy session every week but you need to talk a little. I am not one for talking about my feelings but you kind of have to a little.

From now on I am hoping we have more better than worse and more health than sickness. I know firsthand that isn’t always possible. But now I know we can get through it together.

“Life aint always beautiful
But it’s a beautiful ride.” ~Gary Allan


Sometimes I just need a reminder

I am the type of person that needs a reminder for everything. Even though I have a date book I still write myself a note the day before an appointment or I keep my appointment card. I have to write a list for the grocery store or any shopping for that matter. Sometimes I even write myself a to-do list for the next day. One thing I never thought I would have to be reminded of was why I wanted to become a mother.

After infertility struggles and losing our son I never in a million years dreamed of how many times parenting can be so frustrating. I guess I was so naïve to think  I would be living in this dream world where my baby/toddler would be perfect and always behave. I would get plenty of sleep and have tons of patience. Then came my Avery and she tests my limits quite a bit. Oh and she doesn’t sleep much either. It seems like every time I am at the end of my rope I get a reminder of how lucky I am to be able to have a baby and bring her home.

My first big reminder that I can remember was when we first brought Avery home from the NICU. I was going through my second round of chemo and I was exhausted and feeling like I was hit by a bus. Maybe it was the chemo or the hormones but I was a wreck. I was sobbing and just pleading for some sleep and relief from feeling sick all of the time. Once I got Avery to lay down I was so ready for a short nap before her next feeding. I was flipping through the guide looking for something to watch until I fell asleep when a show caught my eye. It was about a famous couple that had gone through infertility struggles and was finally able to have a baby of their own via surrogate. The episode that was on was the one where they had the baby. Before the episode was over I found myself running to Avery’s bassinet to pick her up and hold her. Watching the flashbacks of their infertility struggle and the joy of finally having their own baby gave me a huge reminder. I fought so hard to have my little gal and now all I could do was feel sorry for myself. Of course there was a lot of cuddling after that and more tears. But this time it was happy tears and I was reminded how lucky I was to have my own miracle to snuggle and love.

Today I had another reminder. I have an impending scan looming in my future which always makes me a ball of nerves. The closer the scan gets the more my patience wears thin. I know it sounds weird but sometimes I forget that I had cancer. I guess I should say I don’t forget but it gets pushed to the side until a scan comes. We have had a couple long nights due to Avery’s molars coming in and me being up all night thinking about all of the types of cancer I could have. So when we got an invite to go and play outside with a friend I gladly accepted. I knew Avery wasn’t feeling the best but I thought maybe getting outside would be good for both of us. Of course my little spitfire proved me wrong. She threw a fit in the restaurant and was really testing what little patience I have left. Of course she was elated to go and play on the toys but once we got home again it was back to the cranky toddler business. After an interesting bath followed by more toddler behavior we moved to the living room. For some reason I decided to check my appointment letter because I keep getting the times messed up. The second I picked my letter up Avery started screaming on the couch. When I looked over she had her hands shoved in her mouth and she was saying “Mom!” Oh I felt so bad for her. She was in tons of pain because of her teeth. I kept looking at the letter and then at her . That’s when the reminder came. I could have not been here to take care of her when she needs me. I could have gotten cancer before I became pregnant with her and would not have been able to have her.

I am sure there will be more hard days but I welcome the reminders. Even though we have struggles a smile from my little miracle can make those struggles fade away. Sometimes I just need a reminder.


Meanwhile at the grocery store….

This morning I awoke way earlier than I had been planning too. When I looked at the clock it said 6:15. Dang I was hoping to sleep in until at least 7:00 but alas I was awake so I decided to make the most of this unplanned early morning. A trip to the grocery store was looming and after I had enough coffee to give me the shakes I was off.

I usually avoid the grocery store on Saturday and Sunday mornings because it is so dang busy. the new ad always comes out on Saturday and everyone is raring to go and get the new sale merchandise. But unfortunately the grocery store played a sneaky trick on me. They were running a special two-day sale that started on Saturday. Well played grocery store, well-played. The last time I went to the store in the morning some of the employees asked me what I was doing there so early. The reason behind my early bird trip was because I ran out of creamer for my coffee. They understood.

I thought I was well prepared for all of the chaos at the grocery store. I had my list all ready to go with the correct prices written next to the sale items and how many you could get for the sale price.  I know I am weird but I have been fooled too many times by tags that were worded funny and people literally hitting me with their cart so I was hurried and didn’t purchase the right items. I had a slight sinus headache when I left and when I pulled into the parking lot it turned into a pounding monster. Cars everywhere and people acting like they had never been in public before and walked in a cross walk before. I don’t understand what it is about the grocery store or department stores for that matter that make people lose their manners. Who stands in the cross walk gabbing when cars are waiting to go through? Once in the store the crap storm reached an all time high. People were literally hitting people with their carts and everyone wanted to browse even though they had a line of people behind them. While I was at the checkout someone tried to squeeze their cart in between mine and a display of water. They barely fit through and I thought for sure I would get knocked out by falling bottles of water. I mean seriously is this how I am going to go? Death by water bottle while trying to get some hot deals at the grocery store? Jeez.

I know I am being dramatic but what else am I going to do with my little life? I feel like when you get to the store you should get a name tag explaining your situation. Kinda like the gym t-shirt thing I talked about before. My name tag today would have said. “Got up way earlier than planned.” “Has sinus headache, is on a diet and a budget.” Am I on a strict diet? Heck no! Well, not strict enough to stop me from buying those Red Velvet flavored Oreos. In my defense they are a limited edition. Maybe there should also be little checkpoints at the store too. Where you can scan your list to make sure you have gotten what is on it so you don’t forget things. Or it could help you stick to healthy eating by saying “Bitch please; those cookies are not part of your diet.” Okay maybe the last one isn’t a good idea. Also a small tape measure in every cart would be nice. So when the silly person that tries to wedge between you or your cart; you can pull that sucker out and be like “Nope sorry.” “You can back yourself up.”

Even though going to the grocery store was awful today I did have some good things happen. I made friends with an elderly gentleman in the parking lot when he complimented me on how clean my car was. I also had two funny little boys listing off all of my items while they were on the conveyor belt. It was super cute 🙂 Oh and I did get those hot deals. I am now the proud owner of 23 cans of cream of mushroom soup. Laugh now but I can guarantee you it won’t be funny when it’s summer and you have to pay $1.79 for it instead of a $1.00. Meanwhile I will be making awesome recipes with all of my cream soup 😉

If any grocery store owners read this or people in upper management seriously think about my suggestions. I think they are very well thought out and maybe even trendsetting.

Am I ever going to be this happy at the store? Probably not.
Am I ever going to be this happy at the store? Probably not.

World Book Day

Ahhh it’s World Book Day. I don’t know about you but I absolutely love books! (Pretty obvious huh?) Even though I don’t get the chance to read very much anymore I still want to celebrate this very important day 🙂 I am actually diving into a new book; so exciting! I love getting a new book and I even love the smell of them. I know I am weird but I really do love the smell of books. I don’t think I could ever read off of an electronic device. There is just something about a book that makes me happy. I tried reading an intro to a book on my iPod and I hated it. I didn’t hate the book I just didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t holding the actual book.

I have always thought that it is very important for kids to be introduced to books at a young age. That is until I had my own. The first time Avery ripped a book apart I wanted to cry. But I learned to look past the ripping and buy inexpensive books 😉 She still at times rips books up but I love the fact that she loves to look at books. The only time we can really get her to settle down and read to her is at bedtime but I bet at least five times a day she picks up a book and pages through it. I loved going to the library when I was a kid and I would check out as many books as I could. I am hoping Avery loves it as much as I did and still do ❤ I had the best Librarian in the whole world when I was little. Her name was Ms. Pat and she always let me go in the back of the Library where they stored extra copies of books and kept the new ones when they came in.

So on this our nations day of celebration for books tell me what your favorite book or books are. I know it is hard to pick just one so I totally understand if you have a couple 😉 What are your child or children’s favorite books? Do you have any favorite memories from going to your local Library as a kid or a favorite book from your childhood?

World Book Day
Some of our favorites ❤