Ahhh Hiking

Finally the weather is cooperating and I have been able to get a couple hikes in. I guess mother nature didn’t like seeing me in my workout shorts because we are due for rain/freezing rain/sleet/snow or whatever else can come out of the sky later today. Sorry mother nature, if you would let me get outside I would maybe look a little better 😉 Anyway, it was so nice to get outside and get some hiking in. I knew I missed hiking but I didn’t realize how much until I got to do it again. We have been getting a couple walks in too. Usually the walks are short because Avery is with and it doesn’t take her long to wonder into someone’s yard or just plain get sick of walking. Can’t really blame the gal but it is nice for her to get out too so we walk around the block and come home.

With this time of the year comes ice jams and huge chunks of ice on the shorelines. Of course I snapped a couple of pics of some ice for you all to enjoy. I didn’t get a chance to get any pics of the big ice jam this year but you will get the just of it. Since I am still dealing with a really annoying head cold I am going to cut this one short and let you enjoy the pics I did take. Once this cold is gone (which better be soon) I will get back to blogging more and hopefully cleaning my house too. I felt good enough to hike today for a little while and go on a short walk and now I am back to feeling like a zombie. I am sure if you would have seen me hiking today you would have wondered why I was outside. Between sneezing breaks and clearing my nose breaks I probably looked pretty silly. Don’t worry I took my used Kleenex’s home to dispose of them. I did see used Kleenex on the trails (Eww)

If you have a chance get out and enjoy this weather! If any of you have any pics of the great outdoors feel free to share them. You can share them with me on my Facebook page (Welcome to my World), the twitter (tweet to @6480Autumn) or on here. I love to see what everyone’s world looks like 🙂

Last weekend hiking before the big sickness 🙂
River is open!! (For now)

IMG_20150322_102731 IMG_20150322_102753 IMG_20150322_103320


Back at the gym

Today I went back to the bad gym; the first gym I went to in my weight loss journey. Remember the one where people were staring and the lady yelled at me? Yeah that one. I will call it first gym. I really wanted to get out of the house and take Avery swimming since I am now the proud owner of a swimsuit. Since this gym offers daycare (which I still think is a little pricey but I digress) it was our only choice.

We left early so we could get there in time to workout before the daycare center closed. It is only open until 11:00 and we live 40 minutes away. I picked personal trainer up and we were off. He asked if I minded going to Target after the gym. “Mind?” ” Oh silly personal trainer; that was part of my plan the whole time.”  When we pulled into the parking lot it was full. Again. At least there wasn’t a bus this time. The nerves started and I felt like I needed a Sprite to calm me down. Once we got in I noticed that most everyone was over 65. Yes! My favorite people to workout with; they don’t judge and they actually talk to you! My Sprite need went down a couple of levels and I headed into the locker room to change.

We started out on some machines and I actually didn’t break anything. My practicing at second gym is paying off!! After some machine work I jumped on the elliptical. I picked the one where you can see inside of the daycare center. As I was staring off into space I noticed a child trying to climb the plastic fence in the daycare center. After thinking “Who’s kid is that?” I realized it was mine. Crap. It was time to go swimming anyway. By the time I got into the daycare center she moved her reign of terror to the jungle gym/slide. There she was sliding head first down the slide and laughing. Not sure where she gets this craziness from but it was time to let some out in the pool.

After a power struggle in the locker room we emerged into the pool. They have a smaller pool for kids and life jackets. I put Avery in her life jacket and we got in. At first she clung to me like no tomorrow but about five minutes later she thought she could go it alone. Well that wasn’t happening since she is only two and this was her first time in a pool other than a kiddie pool. So we walked around the pool for about 30 minutes. She would kick her little legs and move her arms. She loved every minute of it. So glad I finally broke down and got the swimsuit. We had a blast!

I will probably go back to first gym again but second gym will always be my fave. I am glad I went back so we could go swimming and it was a way better experience this time.


A day at the gym: Part Deux

Today was judgment day; it was gym day. It was wonderful. Yes, I said it the gym was awesome.

The day started out by me actually being ready on time and personal trainer was late. I am awful at being ready on time or anywhere near the time I am supposed to be ready. I was so proud of myself. It only took 32 years but I did it! Anyway, back to gym stuff. We pulled into the parking lot and there was a minimal amount of vehicles there. A big check on my list complete 🙂 We walked in, paid and then it was time to change. I guess I kind of forgot about the short factor when I was prepping for the gym. It has been a while since I have shaved my legs and apparently it has been a while since I put lotion on them. So I ended up being the kind of hairy dry leg girl. I entered the locker room and to my surprise I was met by a naked woman who is very comfortable with her body. I immediately looked down and she started waving and saying hi. Very pleasant person I just wasn’t ready for that level of nudity at 7:45 a.m. (I have never been comfortable with locker rooms because I don’t enjoy being nude in front of a group of people.)

As we walked into the gym I noticed there was only one person there. Another check on the list. This day just kept getting better and better. We decided to go on the elliptical first for a warm-up. There were four elliptical’s. Of course I ended up with the one next to the only person there. As I was setting my playlist I realized something; he was sweating and wearing an outfit similar to mine. When I thought it couldn’t get any better he pulled out a Kleenex and blew his nose. Perfect! Someone else with allergies/sinus issues. If he would have had a shirt on explaining his ailments I would have had to ask him if he reads my blog or if this was a set-up by personal trainer. The only negative about the elliptical was the channel the TV was on. It was some show about sick animals. Not what you want to see at the gym. I would have preferred a show about fluffy kittens or something but since the TV was about the only negative at the gym I’ll take it.

After the elliptical it was on to the machines. The first one personal trainer wanted me to try looked very scary and hard. You have to lay down and then push your legs off. He said it was the equivalent of doing squats. Since I never turn down a nap possibility I tried it. I figured if the squat thing didn’t pan out I could catch a quick snooze. The first rep was a little sketchy but the rest went smoothly and I ended up doing quite a few.  The rest of the machines went great for me as well!!

More people began flooding in. My nerves were getting a little higher on the nerve scale until I realized all of them were 65 years of age or older. Definitely more of my speed than those 20 year olds in sports bras. I even chatted with one of them while I was waiting for personal trainer to get changed.

Hands down this day went 100% better than I could have ever imagined. I was even going to try the sauna but I didn’t have a swimsuit. Shopping for a swimsuit makes me want to vomit so we will see about that one. Usually the sauna makes me feel like I am boiling on a stove top and I am going to pass out. I am going to try the sauna one more time though. If I had to rate this gym it would be a 9.5. The only reason it wasn’t a 10 is because of the sad animal show and there were a lot of mirrors in the workout room.

On the way home we stopped to take some pics of an ice jam that I will share with you. Enjoy!

IMG_20150110_104706 IMG_20150110_104737 IMG_20150110_104924

It’s really cold. Let’s go snowshoeing!

Even though it is pretty cold out I had the bright idea to go snowshoeing today. When I say cold I mean it was -40 degrees below yesterday with the wind chill. Today is better. It was 3 degrees when we left and 4 degrees when we came back. So pretty much a heat wave 😉  Since I haven’t purchased a lot of new clothes in the past three years or so I had to scrape some cold weather gear together. I started collecting things a couple of days ago. The first thing on my list was long johns. I don’t own any that fit. So I had the bright idea to borrow husband’s. The first pair I tried on was a no go. That followed with a small freak out from me when asked if they fit. So I waited until this morning to try on the next pair. They fit! Well, kind of but enough to wear underneath my pants in the wilderness. I also found a facemask that I thought was mine. Turns out it is personal trainers. He said he lost his; I guess I found it 😉 I scraped together some other miscellaneous cold weather gear of my own and we were off.

The snowshoeing went well except for the cold. Now this is the first time I have went were there is an alright amount of snow. After 30 minutes into it or so my thigh started to ache. Well you know me immediately I though tumor. I must have gotten a tumor in the middle of the night and now it is presenting itself. I kept it quiet for a little bit until finally I had to say something. Personal trainer informed me it was from snowshoeing. Phew! I know it sounds silly but that it is the first thing that comes to mind when I get a new pain or something. Anyway it was a beautiful day in the woods and the snow made it even better. Today was supposed to be gym day but we did a snowshoeing day instead. I know you are probably thinking I am trying to avoid the scary gym. I kind of am but the outdoors is way better than any old gym. We did reschedule for Saturday morning.

After hypothermia set in we decided to head home. Just kidding it wasn’t any where near that but it was still pretty cold. We logged a good 45 minutes in; which I think is pretty good on a day where the high is around 4 degrees. Of course I took some snapshots of our frozen journey. Enjoy!

Snowshoeing in Wisco
See that white stuff by my face? Yeah that is my frozen hair
River is brown. Not sure why?

IMG_20150108_110922 IMG_20150108_105406

One more minute

Wherever you are in your fitness journey I hope this can give you some motivation

One more minute is all it takes

One more minute leads to another minute tomorrow

One more minute makes you stronger

One more minute makes the next workout easier

One more minute increases stamina

One more minute makes you feel better

One more minute is worth it

Even when you want to give up; go one more minute. The results can be more than you imagined if you add one more minute everyday.

One More Minute-Edited blog pic

Beautiful Snow

We finally received some snow again so of course I broke out my snowshoes. Second time I was able to use them and it was great 🙂 I am actually getting better at putting them on so maybe I am getting more mechanically inclined? Anyway, it was a great day and it was awesome to get outside. Since the snow came down so fast it ended up sticking to everything and stayed that way for a while so I got some nice pictures. (Well, what I think are nice anyway) But now we are going to be in a cold streak with wind chill advisories so it will be back to the elliptical for me 😦 Hope you enjoy the pics!!

IMG_20141228_112636 IMG_20141228_112834 IMG_20141228_112705 IMG_20141228_112852 IMG_20141228_113908 IMG_20141228_115223

Sun! Beautiful Sun!

Yes, finally the sun has graced us with its beautiful presence. I honestly cannot remember the last time we saw the sun. Some people are saying three weeks; some say four. Whichever one it is; it has been way to long. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I woke up this morning and spied the sun coming up. Anyway, of course I took in a hike with personal trainer this morning and it was wonderful. It actually feels like the middle of March instead of late December. As of right now it is 41 degrees outside!!!! Since I took a couple of days off from working out it was so nice to get back at it today. When I felt like quitting I envisioned all of those sweets I took in and kept trudging along 😉 Of course I took some pictures to share. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!



Ice kinda looks like pizza. Makes it hard to workout when nature makes pizza…..



Winter Hiking

Since this hasn’t been a typical winter in Wisconsin I have been able to continue hiking. Good thing for me because I love hiking but it also stinks because I have only used my snowshoes once. It’s like mother nature was like “Oh she got snowshoes let’s make it rain” I am also hoping the sun comes out soon and I am sure everyone else in Wisconsin is hoping for the same. I seriously cannot remember the last time the sun was out.There were a couple peeks over the weekend but that’s about it. Anyway I have been able to capture some pictures of our Wisconsin winter or lack there of; that I would love to share. Just a reminder I am not the best photographer 😉

Ice jam

IMG_20141221_102418 IMG_20141221_104304 IMG_20141221_124937 IMG_20141221_205106

Walkin’ in a not so winter wonderland

If you are from Wisconsin or anywhere in the Midwest you know that we usually have quite a bit of snow by this time of the year. Not this year. We are actually due for some rain this weekend and highs in the 40’s.(Of course the first year of being a snowshoe owner we have above normal temps) Since the weather is not so frightful it brings some opportunity. Personal trainer said he had went in my beloved arboretum for a hike with no snowshoes and it was really nice. (I am already sick of watching the minutes tick by on the elliptical.) So I suggested we go together tonight.

At 4:15 we were off. We didn’t have too much daylight left but since there is some snow left it did provide some light for us and we were able to hike for 45 minutes! I am not sure what is harder hiking with shoes on in the snow or snowshoes. Probably shoes. Anyway it was a good workout and would have been better if I had brought Kleenex. (Don’t worry I won’t give any of the details of my Kleenex problem so you can keep reading.) It ended with no ER visit or bruises so I am going to call it a good day 😉

I gained some knowledge in the arboretum tonight. Probably obvious knowledge to the regular person but new to me. Or maybe I should just call it a revelation? Anyway, I realized that since there is snow on the ground I can now see tracks of animals and people. So now I will know if there are cougars, mice, bobcats or psycho killers following me. I assume that psycho killers wear boots so if I see boot tracks I will know to exit. (Unless it’s the Amish kids again; they wear boots too) If you did not realize this fact consider yourself dropped with my knowledge.

If you have the opportunity to get out on a nice day during the winter I totally recommend it.

2014-12-10 001 006
2014-12-10 001 007
Kinda frozen river