What my kids have taught me so far

My kids have taught me so many things already and I am sure Avery is probably dreaming up ways to school me during her nap. The most important of these is patience. I have never had a lot of it, but in the past three years both of them are teaching it to me. Along with patience there have been many other lessons and I am sure there will be many more.

I will start off with Mason. When I found out I was pregnant with Mason I had kind of convinced myself that it wasn’t going to happen for us or if it did we still had a long road ahead of us. I was right about the long road ahead, wrong about it happening for us. About five weeks after I found out I was pregnant with Mason I landed in the hospital for two days and then I was placed on bed rest at home for a week after. I was not used to this bed rest thing at all. Did I mention I was in the hospital 3 1/2 hours a way from home?!?! Yikes!! After the bleeding stopped and it had been 24 hours since my last “episode” I was discharged and we were instructed to drive straight home. Then started the week-long bed rest at home. After working full-time for my whole adult life and having two jobs in high school I really didn’t know what to do with myself. At first I was like wahoo t.v. time!! That lasted about three hours. I was so not used to this waiting thing and having patience. Being off work was awesome, I’m not gonna lie but it got really boring and lonely. Fast-forward roughly two months and we were back in the same situation again. Only this time I was 40 minutes from home (Thank God) and I was in the hospital until I had him which ended up being a little over two weeks. Oh. My. God. That was so hard. At least I had visitors and my husband stayed with me the whole time except when he went home to check on Percy and get more clothes. I read two books in two days, had a nurse tell me about Pinterest and I ignored her thinking that wasn’t for me (stupid me), watched countless movies and played on the computer for hours. Of course patiently (or not so patiently) waited for my scheduled c-section. Well if you have read my blog before you know things didn’t go as planned and now Mason is in Heaven. Even though Mason left my life way to early he taught me so many things. The biggest lesson was to have patience and enjoy every minute that you possibly can of life. He gave me a joy I had never experienced before and I am so thankful for that. Mason taught me to slow down and smell the roses. I never understood why I was stuck having a placenta previa until after I had Mason. Being on bed rest and then doing pretty much everything I could to protect myself and my baby (short of wrapping myself in bubble wrap) made me really able to enjoy my pregnancy without all of the hustle and bustle of work and life in general. I filled out pregnancy calendars, wrote in his baby book, and just enjoyed having a baby bump ❤

Now we move on to Avery. This girl has got it in for me let me tell ya. I think she has given me more gray hair and wrinkles in her two years then a whole life time. I mean she has completely stolen my heart but man she tests me. We have really been focusing on talking more and playing with her learning toys more than her just for fun toys. Blocks have been on the agenda lately. Personal trainer is pretty determined too with the blocks so today he watched her for me while I ran some errands. Before I started my car they were playing with blocks and of course my little stinker wouldn’t stack them. I came back in and he told me she had stacked some. I was so happy for her that on my errands I bought her another package of blocks to add to the other ones she had. When I got home personal trainer told me Avery had been stacking blocks like an old pro when I was gone. So when we sat her down to show me she refused. She gave me hugs and wanted to play other games but those blocks were nothing to her. Ugh!! After personal trainer left I was doing dishes in the kitchen when I could hear tons of construction going on in my living room. I peek around the corner and sure enough my little builder is at it. As soon as she saw me looking she stopped dead in her tracks. This girl is something else. But she is teaching me to be patient and that is a lesson I still need. Avery is more of a she will do it, but it is going to be on her terms kinda girl. From what I have read I will appreciate it when she is an adult; right now it is a little trying. But when I catch a glimpse of her stacking blocks or she runs up to me arms wide open for a hug all of that frustration melts away and my cup is overflowing ❤

I would have never in a million years thought that my kids would teach me so much. But I am grateful to be their student 🙂

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