Little Moments

This week has been unusually trying with Avery I am not going to lie but it has been full of good moments too 🙂 We continue to work with Avery on her speech and I think it might be improving just a little. She is also getting more social. She loves it when people come to visit and she is starting to become a little ham 🙂 Yesterday two of my aunts and my mom stopped over before they went on a shopping adventure. Avery was in heaven. She was twirling, running around and showing them all of her little tricks. When it came time for them to leave she decided she was going to hug everybody about five times each. She would snuggle up to one of us and then reach her arms out to the next one in line. It was super cute.

Of course I think she might have gotten a little of my sass. Who would have thought? Last night she was going back and forth between my husband and I giving hugs when she started only coming to me. I kept telling her “Go hug daddy now” and then she said very clear “No!” She has a little sing-song voice and we couldn’t help but laugh. She cracks me up at least once an hour.

After Avery fell asleep in her big girl bed (score!!) I retreated to my own bed and fell asleep pretty much immediately. At about 3:00 a.m. or so I woke up to Avery standing next to our bed holding my hand. How could I not pull her up and cuddle ❤ Now she might be tricking me so she can sleep with us but that just melted my heart. Avery: 100 Mom: .5. I give myself a half a point because I have been making her fall asleep in her big girl bed so it’s a start.

Before I fell back asleep I started thinking about the day I had Avery. I think I drove the Doctors and nurses nuts during my c-section. I kept asking them “Is she out yet?” “Are you getting closer?’  “Tell me when she is going to come.” I was a ball of nerves and excitement as I am sure every mom feels during delivery whether it be labor or c-section. When I heard that first cry the feeling I felt was unexplainable. Everybody told me when you have a baby you just automatically know what to do. They were right. I was out of the loop of babies and all the good stuff that comes along with them. When I met my husband my step-son was five and it had been a long time since I had baby-sat for a little baby so I was a little nervous especially because Avery was so little. Well she was big for two months early 5 pounds 4 ounces. My son was a month early and he was 5 pounds .02 ounces. I guess I have big babies ❤  Anyway when I heard that cry; I was like okay this is it, I am Avery’s mommy.

Since becoming pregnant with my son I love to hear birth stories and cute baby and toddler stories. So if you got em’ let me hear em’ 🙂

2012-11-19 001 046
Avery’s first picture ❤