Misadventures in Working Out

I have had a lot of we will call them accidents in my life. I am very clumsy and have horrible luck. Yesterday I went on a three-mile hike. It went very well for me which is surprising. Do I think my luck is turning around? Heck no this was just a fluke I am sure.The other day I went hiking and while looking behind me to check for predators I tripped and almost fell flat on my face.

On to the predators of the world-wide outdoors.  The biggest predator (in my eyes) are mice. I hate them. If you say the word mouse I am on higher ground before the whole word is out of your little mouth. They are not cute and should not be used as a “pet”. They are disease infested, scary and ugly. I encountered two dead ones on two separate hikes. I really considered not going to that place anymore. I was scared even though it was very obvious they were deceased. The next predator is cougars. I have never seen one but I have felt like maybe one was stalking me. A little research has been done on my part to find out a little more info on these creatures. I should have skipped the research because now I am more scared. (I guess I should clarify that when I go hiking I am not on Mt. Everest or anything.) My fav place to go is the arboretum which is right outside of the town I live. When I go on longer hikes there are a couple of places close to where I live that I go. The chance of me seeing a cougar are pretty slim but there are some around my area so the fear is real people 😉 I have actually tripped or almost fell thinking I saw a cougar or mouse.

My biggest accident while working out (so far) happened five years ago. I have been downhill skiing since I was in fifth grade or so. I am no Picabo Street or anything but I’m not half bad. Anyway husband, personal trainer and I went skiing at our local ski hill one Sunday afternoon. It had been a while since I had been out so I was a little rusty. We had just gotten new skis for Christmas so I was excited to try them out. The day was starting to wind down and it had been a great day on the slopes when the incident happened. Husband and I were skiing and I was behind him. For some reason that we will never know he stopped to see where I was. We collided. I still to this day do not know how it all went down but there we were laying on the ski hill. When I tried to stand up I realized my pants were ripped and my right knee was bleeding a lot. People were starting to gather and I was getting embarrassed. When everyone came to the conclusion that maybe I shouldn’t get up because of my knee the ski patrol showed up. When they tried to get me down the hill they couldn’t because the hill was so icy. It was unseasonably warm that day so as the sun started to go down the hill iced up. Finally I suggested that I slide on my butt down the hill until they could get me on the stretcher. So my embarrassing decent began. When we got to the bottom they wanted to call an ambulance but I refused. When we arrived at the hospital (that I worked at) by car; there may have been some jokes being said that I was over-exaggerating. But then those jokers took the wrapping off of my knee and it got real. I ended up with stitches and was off work for a couple of days. Oh and a huge scar that is starting to fade. There is an argument at home as to the severity of my injury but my knee doesn’t lie. So my career as a right knee model was over before it started. I still have my left knee in case I need it for modeling. I like to keep my options open.

One smaller incident I have to share cause it goes along with hiking. I was around five years old or so and I went hiking with my parents. As we were coming down I kind of lost my footing towards the bottom of the mound and when I regained my balance I started running and I could not stop. My parents kept yelling at me to stop but I couldn’t for some unknown reason even to me. When the whole fiasco was over I was very scared of heights and kind of have been ever since. I didn’t get hurt at all just embarrassed. So I have been embarrassing myself since I was five or probably earlier than that.

The more I recount my mishaps it is a wonder I am still here to talk about them 😉 But I will keep working with my clumsiness and continue to hope for the best. I really do enjoy my new activity which is hiking. Next summer I am hoping to discover new places to go and maybe even a little more challenging. I am still working on my fear of heights and embarrassing myself. But for now I am sure I will have more entertaining stories to share.

2014-11-02 001 001
Me and some cool rocks 🙂
2014-11-02 001 004
Cool rocks without me 😉



Toddler Strong

Today I got to spend some time with some of my fav little’s because there wasn’t school for our district. We got a new little today and we are very excited to be able to spend time with her. We had lots of fun getting to know each other and watched Tangled and played with Avery’s toys. Of course we fit in some time for crafts and then we went to the playground. We made some bottle cap magnets for the fridge. I think they turned out good the only thing I would do different is to paint them white first (kinda like a primer) so then you don’t have to do so many coats of paint.

When we got to the playground is when it hit the fan. We had been playing for a while and I noticed this big brown thing in Avery’s ear. I was trying to get it out when she started throwing a huge fit. Then her hat came off . So I was trying to get the brown thing out of her ear and the hat on and she was thrashing around like a fish out of water. I finally got the brown thing out and I was still trying with the hat when she arched her back and hit the ground. I was waiting for her head to spin around and green stuff to come out of her mouth like The Exorcist.  To the innocent bystander it probably looked like I pushed her down. She always has a way of making it look like I am abusive when she is throwing these fits. Did I mention the playground was at the school? Ugh and all of the teachers were there for end of quarter stuff so I am sure some of them witnessed this display. After we got the hat on I was trying to get her to the car when she started arching her back again and I almost dropped her. I was really surprised social services didn’t come squealing in the parking lot at this point. Now in the middle of the drama she did give me a hug but then realized we were still going to go home and started her fit again.

I never realized until today how strong Avery really is. She really was hard to control today. There was a point where I really didn’t think I would be able to hold onto her and since she refused to walk I didn’t really have any other choice. I have seen fits from her before but this one was a doozy. I am hoping this isn’t a sign of what is to come. It was pretty embarrassing especially since we were at the school. I can’t help but think this better not be a regular thing because I don’t know what to do. I mean is this normal?? Maybe I am over thinking it which is a trend with me. I hate to go with the old standby which is that she was tired. But she did take a nap about ten minutes after we got home so maybe that was some of it. I am really looking for some feedback on this one. Has anyone else had a similar experience? What did you do when it was happening? If you feel comfortable commenting please do or if you think I am just blowing the whole thing out of proportion let me know.  I can report that she is in a better mood now and is trying to hold my hand 🙂

2014-11-03 001 001
Before the blow out
2014-11-03 001 002
Bottle cap magnets 🙂