Adventures in shopping

Last night I got some time to myself. Four beautiful little hours so of course I went shopping. I have been wanting go get out and go shopping for a while now and last night my dream came true; literally I had a dream I was at Target.

So at about 5:30 I was off and in a great mood besides my sinus infection. I was doubly excited because I weighed myself (I have never in my life said that before) and I lost 20 pounds so far in my weight loss journey!!!!!!! The plan was to buy some jeans. I have a pair at home that I really like but they are too big so I thought this should be easy I will get the same brand just a smaller size. Oh was I wrong, so wrong. I get to the store and I sift through tons of jeans and I cannot find the brand I am looking for so I thought well, lets just grab some and start trying on in what I think should be my new size. In the dressing room I discovered I am not a new size. I was lucky I got the jeans over my hips so I thought to myself I better get a sales associate to help me. Now I am not sure if this lady likes to embarrass people or if she just wanted to get out of work on time because she managed to embarrass me to the fullest. There happened to be a lot of people in the store last night which I did not notice until this encounter happened. I started by asking her if they had this certain brand and the specific name of the jeans in question. When did they start naming jeans? Anyway I was looking for Jennifer jeans. She stated they never carried these jeans in their store and I should just try a different pair on. (Lies all lies)I think the name was Ellie. I told her I already tried Ellie on and Ellie didn’t fit. She said to me that I needed to go back in the dressing room try them on again and then sit on the bench because their jeans stretch and I don’t want to buy a larger size and if I sit on the magical bench they will stretch and fit better. I tried to explain to her that they just didn’t fit without having to tell her that I couldn’t even button the dang things but she wouldn’t have it so off to the dressing room I went with a new pair. In the dressing room it was the same story, there was a huge gap where my stomach was hanging out and as hard as I tried to stuff and adjust I couldn’t get those dang things buttoned. My plan was to get dressed and run out of the store so I didn’t have to see this lady again. Then there was a knock at the door “Autumn how do those jeans fit?” “Did you sit on the bench?” OMG this chick is driving me insane crazy. So I said back to her “They don’t button!” I cannot get them closed.” Silence, finally. I should have said “If you can get me another pair to sew together than yes they do fit.” This woman has obviously never been above her ideal weight before. And to use my name, the nerve!! (They make you give them your name and they write it on the door of your dressing room) Another embarrassing event in the books. I am hoping to have better luck online 😉