The brushing and food wars

What made me write this post you ask? A couple of situations. The first being that I chased my daughter around for about an hour trying to get her hair brushed and styled. When I say styled I mean a small ponytail in the front just to keep the hair out of her eyes. The second being that I am trying to expand her menu. The girl is so extremely picky. The third being I am procrastinating  on an awesome writing opportunity. I know you are probably thinking why in the world would you do that? Well I am experiencing a horrible case of writers block and every time I go to write it comes out looking like an eighth grade writing assignment. For some reason writing helps my writers block? I know it sounds completely insane but it does. If I write about something else it helps the other subject I am writing about. I will let you know how the article comes out when I am able to. Very exciting and awesome opportunity!!

Back to the task at hand. The brushing of the two-year old. My Avery was blessed with my beautiful mane. I don’t give myself compliments like ever but when it comes to my hair I am willing to shell out a couple. Anyway, there does come some downfalls with thick hair. It becomes tangled or mangled as I like to call it. We have to have the perfect storm to be able to brush and style. When Avery gets out of the tub she will allow me to brush her hair if I do it quickly enough. Baths must put her in a good mood because she usually lets me put pig tails in. If she is not in the mood then it’s a quick front pony tail. If it is not bath day we have a problem. I try my hardest to sneak up on her but she always see that brush or comb. Then the chase is on. After we run around and I finally catch her the brushing starts. If I am lucky I can get a couple of sprays of de-tangler in. The Bubble Guppies must be on the television for her to even think about letting me brush her hair. Usually when the brushing starts her hands start going. She tries as hard as she can to get the comb or brush away from me. One day she succeeded and put the comb in her toy box/hiding spot. After the brushing is over we move onto the ponytail. I guess it’s called a ponytail. I am far from a hairdresser so I could be wrong. Anyway, the ponytail goes in the front to keep her hair out of her eyes and to prevent food, boogers and liquids getting in her hair. Sometimes the ponytail is just perfect, sometimes it’s a side ponytail and sometimes we get what I call a Snooki bump. For those of you that have never seen Snooki the bump is when your hair looks pushed up in the front. I have actually put the ponytail in while Avery was running or walking really fast away from me. I think sometimes it does hurt her sensitive little scalp to get her hair brushed. I totally get that as I too have a sensitive scalp. But for the most part she is just being a stinker.

Now on to the food. These are Avery’s meals everyday of her life. Breakfast is a packet of Quaker Oatmeal. It can be just about any kind but some days she decides she doesn’t like a kind she had 12 hours before. Lunch is one container of Hello Kitty yogurt. I learned the hard way it has to be Hello Kitty. The grocery store was out of Hello Kitty so I bought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles yogurt. I got the hand and then there was some chasing. (You would think I would be thinner with all of this chasing) Avery likes to give us the hand. If she needs you to move the hand goes up, if she doesn’t like something the hand goes up. Moving along to supper. Avery will partake in another packet of oatmeal. For snacks she will eat corn Chex; not Rice Chex it has to be corn. She will also eat Teddy Graham’s if they are honey, chocolate chip or apple flavor. From what I understand the Apple has been discontinued. Blurg. Avery pretty much refuses to eat meat. A small piece of hamburger is about all she will take. Until tonight she ate one and half chicken nuggets. After a couple of hands she ate. I think she knew I was in the middle of writing this) I am not sure how but even though the girl has such a small menu she is growing like a weed. Avery just entered the 3T world around her Birthday. She has now outgrown her 3T footy pajamas which are a must have in Wisco. Some of her 3T tops are a little on the tight side. I have heard from some confidential sources that her father was a pretty picky eater too. I on the other hand will pretty much eat anything except for peas.

In conclusion this post helped Avery eat meat (not sure how much “meat” is in chicken nuggets but I will mark it in the win column.) The writer’s block is still here. Tomorrow is bath day so that means a good hair day for Avery. I hope it doesn’t sound like I never give her a bath; we usually do baths every other day. On a good note Avery loves to brush her teeth. If it was up to her she would brush them every time she is in the bathroom. She doesn’t always use her toothbrush but we are working on that.

Tools of the trade
Now she wants to de-tangler

The Swimsuit

Today was the first time in three years that I have worn a swimsuit. Doesn’t seem like a long time since every year flies by so quickly but it is for someone who loves water parks and swimming. I refused to put on a swimsuit since I have had my daughter until today. I always thought I was way to fat to put one on and nobody would want to see me in one. Now I ‘m not going to lie I have lost some weight in the past year put I am nowhere near where I want to be. The past two summers I have taken my daughter to the beach but I would always wear clothes. The first year it was a t-shirt and capris and last year it was athletic shorts and a t-shirt. I never wanted to rob her of having a love of water so I want to take her to the beach and things. There are a some tricky things about taking your kids swimming when you are wearing clothes:

  1. Kids don’t stay where they are supposed to. You are going to get wet and once you are wet your clothes look pasted on and you might as well have worn a swimsuit.
  2. Kids want you to play with them and it is hard to play in the water when you are wearing jean capris.
  3. You kind of look silly at the beach fully clothed when everyone else is enjoying the warm weather and water.
  4. You are at a beach or water facility. It is warm and you are fully clothed. Not a good combination. Rashes and sweat can occur.

Back to the swimsuit debacle. So I actually had to borrow a swimsuit because I don’t even own one. The reason for the swimsuit was I had decided I really wanted to go swimming and try the sauna at the gym. I really missed swimming so I was super excited to go. Of course body issues arose and a lot of self-consciousness. Not only my weight but scars and all the like. See after you have cancer you are pretty much guaranteed one scar. I call it my port scar; because well, that’s where they put my port to get my chemo. More than likely you are going to have other scars from surgeries too. Plus after you have kids nothing is where it was before. After I was assured that I would be able to run quickly from the locker room to the pool I was really ready.

After I put my suit on and did a body check in the mirror I was ready to sprint into the pool. (Body check means making sure everything that is supposed to be covered is) I ran to the door and was about to fling it open when I realized; it was locked. Crap. I was with my dad so obviously he was not in the locker room with me. I ran to the door of the locker room and realized that the men’s locker room door was open so like a child I yelled “Dad?” Luckily he responded. I asked him if his door to the pool was locked too and he said it was. I am not sure what came over me but I volunteered to go and find another entrance. So there is body-conscious me running the halls trying to find a staff member in my swimsuit. After having a nice conversation with a gentlemen that works at the gym I learned that the pool was down for repairs and the sauna was closed at that time of day. Not a big deal; I still got my workout in for the day the pool and sauna were just a bonus.

After I got back in the locker room to get dressed I realized that being in that swimsuit really wasn’t that bad. The employee that I talked to did not care about my scars or my weight. He told me what I needed to know and even gave me a book recommendation. (Not a book about pools; if you have ever met me you know one conversation leads into five more.) Anyway, I got to thinking about all of the things I want to do now that I got my butt in that swimsuit. Take my daughter to the beach, water park and pool. Oh the possibilities! Then I thought am I giving my daughter a bad opinion on body image because I don’t wear swimsuits and have insecurities about my body? Those kids are always listening and even if I don’t say it to her she will most likely hear me. In the past she didn’t realize that everyone else was swimming while I was in street clothes but soon she will. I don’t ever want her to think it’s not okay to get in a swimsuit and have fun. Whether it be with her friends or her own kids. I also want her to know that she can always be comfortable with herself. I love to make memories with her and it’s hard to make memories from the shoreline. So I decided from now on whether I lose, maintain or gain weight. I am going to do all of the things I want to do with her. All of this time I have been thinking and saying out loud that I am too big to wear a suit. But my daughter doesn’t care about my weight or my scars; she just wants mommy to play with her. After today I don’t think anyone else really does either. Besides taking a very active toddler to any type of water facility will keep me busy enough to where I won’t have time to worry about what people are thinking. In this world it is hard enough for women to be okay with their body and my daughter doesn’t need that type of thinking to come from her own mother. So from now on I will put on the swimsuit.

Why you need to go to the Doctor; even if it is scary

Today was one of the three most dreaded days for me during the year. It was my day to go and have a physical. Ugh. I hate going to the Doctor. Not because I dislike my Doctor or the staff I actually really like them a lot and they are former co-workers of mine. The reason I hate going to the Doctor is because I think I will be told the dreaded words again; “I am sorry I have to tell you this, you have cancer.” I am usually forced against my will to go to the Doctor three times a year. I have to see my Oncologist twice a year for a CT Scan, Lab work and an office visit. Then once a year to my Family Practice Physician for my physical.

It probably sounds silly that I have to be dragged into the Doctor kicking and screaming but it’s true. It usually creeps into my mind about a month before the appointment. Then the assumptions start. I come up with the darndest reasons as to why I have cancer again. After I start assuming then I start bugging those closest to me. “Feel my neck; I am sure there is a lump.” “Look at this spot on my leg that has been on there since I was born.” The list and demands goes on and on. After I have bothered everyone so much that they want to choke me it is appointment time.

Physicals are a little easier on me than scan day. Because during a physical they are probably not going to be looking inside of my body. (Unless they find something suspicious) In preparation for what I was sure would be one of my last days with hair; I spent an hour straightening it last night. Since I have been left with crazy curly hair (which I do like) it makes straightening a hot sweaty mess. After blow drying my bathroom is already a balmy 80 degrees. When you add a very hot straightening iron to that you might as well have a gallon of water and a cold compress on standby. After the hair prep it is on to life prep. Making bills out, cleaning and laundry. I always want to make sure I have my ducks in a row when I find out “the news”  Then it’s a Sprite treat to relax and off to bed.

Scan day is a whole different world. I know they are actually going to be looking inside of me and I am always sure that some type of cancer has developed. Plus I don’t get my coffee that morning and that makes for a foggy and crabby morning. After my scan and labs it is typically a four-hour wait until I get my results. Even though it is an excruciating wait I am lucky that I receive my results the same day. So I will take the four hours over a day or longer. I think another reason scan day is scary is because if I hear the dreaded words again depending on what that entails I could be starting treatment asap. At least after a physical I have a little time to prepare.

Even though these days are scary and stressful they are so worth it. The relief I feel after knowing I am okay is wonderful! I typically have a great day after learning I am good for another couple of months. One of my oncologists said to me “I don’t know why you worry so much; I told you the cancer is gone.” She is right. When we figured out what stage I was (stage 1b) after surgery they said I would be fine with the four rounds of chemo. They called my chemo an “insurance policy”  in case a small amount of cancer got into my blood that they weren’t able to detect. So yes going to the Doctor is totally worth it. Even if I do hear the dreaded words again I have to remind myself that early detection is the key. If you let things go and appointments pass you are really doing yourself a disservice. Get your physical every year. If you feel like something is going on with your body make an appointment. You know your body better than anyone so listen to your body. If you get blown off be persistent until you are satisfied with the answer you are given. You are your own advocate sometimes. If you are lucky enough to have a great Doctor stick with them. Even if you’re a ball of nerves like me and drive your family and friends nuts just remember that they are pretty much forced to listen to you and comply with your demands. Go to the Doctor and get yourself checked; even if it scares you.

Real Neat Blog Award


So I was nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award!!!!! My first award I think ever in my life for anything 🙂 I am beyond excited!! I wish I had a pretty dress and a wonderful acceptance speech prepared but sadly I have neither. The only dress that I own and can get on my body without looking like it was pasted on is a maternity dress so that is not happening. A little info about this reward. First off I was nominated by a wonderful blogger that blogs at If you have some time head on over and check her out! You will be happy you did 🙂 Then there are rules that I must follow and I am happy to do so.

  1. Put the Award logo in my post. (You can see it at the top)
  2. Answer the seven questions asked by the person that nominated you. (Exciting!)
  3. Thank the person that nominated you and put a link to their blog in your post. (See link above)
  4. Nominate any number of other blogs that you absolutely love and link to their blog (See links below)
  5. Let those awesome people you nominated them (Comment on one of their posts to let em’ know)

I am going to start off my answering the burning questions I am sure you all want to know about me 😉

  1. What is your favorite book of all time? I have been trying to decide all day and I have narrowed it down to two and I can’t pick just one so they are The Help by: Kathryn Stockett and To Kill a Mockingbird by: Harper Lee
  2. Speaking of time, if you could travel back to any era which would it be and why? Easy, The 70’s. Okay so maybe it is more like a decade but to me it’s an era. I love the music, style and atmosphere. Life was simpler and it seems like people were happier.
  3. What is your one guilty pleasure? I have so many but my favorite is watching murder mystery shows. I like real life shows and my absolute favorite right now is Cold Justice. It is an awesome show about a former prosecutor and a former csi that travel to small towns and help solve cold cases. Great show!!
  4. Reality t.v. love it or hate it? I am going to say I like it. Not love because there is a lot of crap reality shows out there. But there are some I love. My favorite right now is Calling Dr. Pol. Great show about a small and large animal vet located in Michigan. You can also watch The Incredible Dr. Pol but I don’t have that channel 😦
  5. Why did you decide to start a blog? The first reason was for my daughter. If my cancer comes back I wanted to document the time we spent together so she would always have something to look back on. The second reason was I really do want to help people. Whether it’s making someone feel better or droppin’ a little knowledge about the things I have been through.
  6. If you were to write a book what would the title be? A very little known fact about me; I have already started on my first novel. At the mere age of 12 I started writing Jessica: The Love Story. It is far from complete and it is written with a blue calligraphy pen. I actually do not have it in my possession at this time. Someone is holding it hostage 😉 I have always been interested in writing children’s books so I am thinking The Adventures of Percy would be a great start for a title.
  7. Share your favorite quote. Never, never, never give up ~Winston Churchill

Next are the questions for the awesome people I am nominating:

  1. What is your favorite movie?
  2. What helps you to relax?
  3. What is your biggest achievement?
  4. What scares you the most and why?
  5. What is your dream job?
  6. Where is your favorite vacation spot and why?
  7. What is your favorite day of the week and why?

My nominees are: (Horses Dirt and Motherhood) (Dammit)

If you have some time go and check these awesome blogs out!! Thanks again for the nomination and thank you all for reading!!!

Dear Pinterest: We need to talk

I want to start this out by saying I have always loved you Pinterest. From the moment I logged in I knew it was meant to be. From the recipes to the crafts I was hooked on you. Countless home decor ideas and gardening tips have been pinned to beautiful boards. There is just something that has been on my mind lately and I need to talk to you about it. I pin cute toddler crafts to my craft board. When I try to execute them they don’t look the same as the pictures. It leaves me with a lot of questions. “Are the parents doing the handprints?” “Were the toddlers even in the room when these crafts were done?” “Are these superhuman toddlers that were made in a factory in the desert?” “Maybe it’s just my kid?” Those are just some simple questions that I would like answered so we can continue our relationship.

I was going to title this post “My Love Hate Relationship With Pinterest” But I couldn’t do that because I don’t hate you Pinterest. I love you Pinterest. I get that tingly feeling in my stomach when I log on. You know the one where you know you are in love. Then I start pinning. Oh the pinning! I find cute things to send to my fellow pinners and you also let me send a message with them. (I love that!) I have made many recipes and actually purchased some things I found on Pinterest. I even have a board for my blog. There is wonderful information right at my fingertips and you are always willing to share it.

But why do I feel like you are lying to me? One time you emailed me and you told me I was a “special” pinner and you wanted me to take a survey. I felt so loved; so needed. Then I went to the grocery store and I found out that you sent the same email to a gal that works there. My heart was crushed. Needless to say I did not fill out your survey. I gave you another chance. Now the craft debacle. I want to know and I feel I deserve to know. “Are these children sitting in a chair, sipping lemonade and letting their parents paint their hands?” “Do these children even know they did these crafts?” “How many special pinners do you have?” “Will you still be with me if I pin my handiwork?” I love you Pinterest but I am not sure I can take the lies.

Your Friend Always,


Would you let me pin this? Would you?

How many fingernails does it take to install a car seat?

I have mentioned before that I am not mechanically inclined at all. When it comes to car seats, toys, play-pens and all of the other things that comes with babies and toddlers I am at a loss on how to put them together or install them. It probably sounds bad but for the most part I leave those things up to husband. He is way better at those things than I am. That is the one thing people don’t warn you about when you are pregnant. I always heard about lack of sleep, privacy and the dirty factor. Never once did someone say “By the way you are going to have to put together and install endless amounts of heavy equipment and toys for the rest of your child’s life.” It took me about four months to realize Avery should have come with batteries. When they sent her home from the hospital they should have said “Here is your baby, sleep sack and complimentary pack of AA batteries.”

My biggest fear is when my car seat is not installed. I have had to install it all by myself once and it was awful. Step-son called one day saying he was sick and needed to be picked up from school. Sounds simple enough; start the car, put toddler in the car and go to the school. I went outside to start the car and the car seat was missing. Crap. What the what was I supposed to do. I had never installed it by myself before. I really had no choice at this point; I had to put the car seat in. After a few choice words under my breath regarding the person who had un-installed it I went to work. After losing about every fingernail I own and having a slight panic attack; the car seat was in. Of course this was all happening while my car was running so I received a heavy dose of exhaust in my face. It’s a good thing I had my sunglasses on otherwise I would have taken a couple fingernails to the eye. Will I ever install the car seat again? I really hope not. Did I mention that the brand of my car seat is Safety First? Obviously not meant for the parent.

One day I decided it was time for the pack and play had to go. It had been a long time since Avery was in there and it was taking up space in the closet. So I jumped on a stuff for sale Facebook page in my area and put some pictures up. In a matter of minutes I had the thing sold. Awesome! Since I am so horrible at putting things together I decided to have husband put it together and leave it that way until the gal came to pick it up. There was one thing I didn’t consider in my master plan. How in the world was I going to take it down to get it in her car. As I struggled and struggled with it the gal actually ended up taking it apart with ease. I am sure she was tired of watching me sweat trying to take the thing apart. I may or may not have thrown a fingernail her way on accident.

On to the toys. Again I usually have husband put toys together. That is until Rapunzel’s Tower entered out world. If you have been reading for a while you know a little about this coveted tower. I looked and looked for this magical tower and then I finally broke down and ordered it. I may lose some followers after this but Avery actually likes Tangled more than Frozen (gasp!) So this tower was on the top of our toy must have list. We waited very patiently for the tower to arrive and one day it came! Luckily Avery was napping so I thought good husband can put it together. I opened the box to find Ariel’s Castle. Dang! After many calls and a confusing UPS drop off experience we finally received Rapunzel’s Tower. This time Avery was awake and she wanted that thing immediately. She pretty much yanked it out of my hands and tried prying it open herself. Then I knew I would have to put the thing together since husband was at work. So I pried it out of her hands and got to work. Luckily it was very easy to put together and I thought I was pretty cool. I was ready to brag to husband about how I put this thing together all by myself when it happened. Avery started pushing buttons and no sound came out. No batteries! I thought it should be easy enough to install batteries. Oh how I was wrong. I proceeded with my screwdriver in hand to the spot where I thought the batteries would go. Try as I might I couldn’t get that battery area open. I even went as far as to send a picture of the tower to a friend to see if she could figure out where the batteries went. She did agree with me that I was trying to put them in the most logical place. I really wanted to show husband I could do this so I went in the toolbox to find more screwdrivers. When I realized I was stripping the area where I thought the batteries should go I stopped. Hanging my head in defeat I waited until husband got home. After explaining my situation to him he looked over the tower. He said he could tell I put it together because the stickers on the tower were not put on perfectly straight. Then I got to reply with it actually did come that way and they must have felt bad for sending the wrong item so they put the stickers on for me. Then husband turned the castle around and installed the batteries lickety-split. Ugh I was trying to put them in the wrong place the whole time!

The moral to this story is I am still not good at installing or putting things together. If you want me to type up a fancy letter or make an awesome casserole I am your gal. If you need someone to build you something I will introduce you to husband. To answer the question of “How many fingernails does it to take to install a car seat?” The answer is every. single. one.

2014-11-13 001 001
Blocks are awesome because the little’s have to put them together 🙂

I seem to have lost my toddler instruction manual

When I was pregnant with both of my kids I read What to Expect When You Are Expecting religiously. I would get super excited when I came to a new week of my pregnancy and I could find out the new things that were happening with my baby. I just figured that the next books in the series would tell me everything I needed to know about my infant and toddler. It wasn’t so with Avery. Of course she had to be way different then the books and internet would tell me. I just figured since my pregnancy book was so accurate and great that the rest of the info on babies would be wonderful too. They very well could be for other kids just not mine.

Avery has always been a little stubborn and would like it if everyone catered to her and followed her rules. I have a couple of examples of this behavior:

  1. Tonight Avery decided she no longer liked strawberry oatmeal. Even though she ate it yesterday; I had to chase her around the table to get her to taste it. So she took a bath and is now eating her strawberry oatmeal. O.M.G.
  2. Today Avery sat on the toilet and screamed like we were killing her and refused to go. After we finally gave in and took her off the toilet husband went in the bathroom. Avery cried and kept opening the door because she wanted to sit on the toilet. Seriously?
  3. Avery boycotted juice for two months. She used to love the stuff and I would give her a cup every other day or so. then one day for no particular reason she wouldn’t drink it. Last week I picked up some juice that came in a container with Hello Kitty on top. She now drinks juice.
  4. I have a collection of her toys that she has not touched for months and today I decided to get rid of them. She has been playing with them since. This girl…..
  5. For some reason Avery is obsessed with having her feet rubbed. Some nights she will not fall asleep until each foot gets a rub.

When we were in the bath I kept thinking “What in the what am I going to do; I think I have to feed her by law?” I really didn’t want to make her a different flavor oatmeal because I didn’t want to give in. (Still not sure where this stubbornness comes from) I was wishing there was something to reference so I would know what to do with this child.  Maybe a magical book or user manual perhaps. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had a factory reset button? I would reset Avery back to the days where she would eat everything I put in front of her. (Except for peas but I can’t really blame the girl on that one.) Now her diet consists of oatmeal, yogurt, crackers, Chex and the occasional piece of meat. Or whatever I am eating because mommas plate is always better.

I am hoping this is the terrible twos everyone talks about. Maybe three is better; one can only hope. I know what people are thinking; your kid is running your life. Yes, I know people and when I find that reset button or instruction manual we will get back on track. Until then it’s Avery’s world we are just living in it.


Back when she ate and a little Percy tail 😉
Of course she likes chips 🙂 Percy is a little jelly….


Don’t Bring Me Down

I can’t help but see the mom bashing on social media, blogs, internet and everyday life. It seems like everyone has an opinion on what everyone else is doing. Whether you are a working mom or stay at home mom we are still moms. Whether you breast feed, bottle feed, cloth diaper or buy disposable diapers we are still the same. It makes me wonder why does there have to be so much tension?

In my eyes everyone has a right to their own opinion. But why do we feel the need to voice it in a negative way. Being a mother in this day and age is hard enough without added pressure from people who are our peers. We should be lifting each other up instead of bringing each other down.

When I chose not to breastfeed I had to explain myself up and down to tons of people. My reasoning was a little longer than  saying it doesn’t work for me or I don’t produce enough milk. I was to undergo chemo two weeks after I had my daughter. I had a couple of options. The first was to breastfeed for two weeks and then stop. With that came running the risk of getting an infection and then postponing chemo. The second was to breastfeed through chemo. I did not feel comfortable with that. The third was to not breastfeed at all. I chose the third. The reasoning behind my choice was I felt if I got an infection and had to postpone chemo then what was the point of putting my daughter through the NICU experience if I couldn’t start treatment to ensure time with her.

After each time of having to explain my choice I always wondered why do I feel the need to defend my choice. This is my life and my daughter’s life and I felt I made the best decision for us. I would literally run; well walk as fast as I could after a hysterectomy from the breast-feeding specialist at the hospital I had my daughter at. I understand I was a different case from most but everyone was saying different things to me and it seemed that no one was sure on what they thought I should do. Then I realized why should I waiver on my decision based on someone else’s opinion?

I see tons of articles on why moms should or shouldn’t go back to work. After the article there is always the comments and the fighting. Why should everyone feel they need to defend their decision on staying home or working? Some people don’t have a choice they have to work. Some people just know it is not for them. They would lay their life down for their children but they need to socialize with adults and get out of the house. Some people can make staying at home work and they want to stay home. Shouldn’t we all support each other decisions? Wouldn’t it be easier if we lifted each other up instead of the constant passive-aggressive comments? This mom thing is hard enough without everyone having to defend every single decision they make. Is my daughter going to be a bad person because I put her is disposable diapers? I hope not otherwise me and Pampers are going to have a problem. Are children going to be bad kids because of the brand of bottle we use? Probably not. Will my daughter be crazy because I let her watch Bubble Guppies? Maybe, crazy for Bubble Guppies but in general no.

I can’t say this for every mom but I can definitely say this for myself. I come up with tons of things to worry about all by myself I don’t need any help. Maybe I lived in a dream world when I pictured moms at the park getting along. I really didn’t think it would be a big deal when I pulled out non organic puffs. I know I am guilty of it too. Forming opinions on people or things when I do not have the full story. That’s the thing we never really know the full story. Maybe the mom next to you gives her child generic goldfish because she can’t afford the organic ones. Your neighbor may have to work because she carries the benefits and that darling little one in the car seat has asthma and their inhaler is ridiculously expensive. The mom you see at the library that never has her husband with her is alone because they work different shifts to cut down on daycare costs. The girl at the grocery store that is always alone didn’t want to be but she has no choice because her husband is in the military and he is gone right now.

Let’s do ourselves a favor. The next time you see the mom that is all alone struggling with her groceries; hold the door open for her. When you see your neighbor pulling out of her driveway give her a smile and a wave. When you see the mom at the library by herself say hi. The next time the mom at the playground pulls out her snacks start a conversation with her. We are all here for the same reason; to raise our children the best way we know how. Maybe if one of us starts being positive and trying to understand everyone’s situation we can make this mom bashing stop.

2014-05-11 001 002

My blogging report

Since WordPress put together such a nice report for my blog I figured I should follow-up with a less nice version 😉 But seriously I do want to put something together in my own words.

First off I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading, commenting, sharing, messaging me and following me. I really cannot believe how many people have reached out to me in the four short months of having a blog. I never in a million years dreamed that this blog would get the response that it has. I am still shocked on how many people have reached out to me so far. It is very nice and encouraging to receive the messages and comments from everyone. I really do enjoy chatting with everyone 🙂

Another thing I did not expect when I started blogging was the people I would meet and all of the things I would learn and see  from the comfort of my living room. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone, seeing pictures and learning things about different states and countries. Maybe I am nerdy but I really do like learning new things! I guess I know I am nerdy since the highlight of my week was installing an updated version of Microsoft Office on my computer and discovering all of the new things about the programs 😉

To date I have had 2,513 views of my blog. I would have never guessed that I would have that many ever. I have 151 followers between email, Facebook, the Twitter and Tumblr. For those of you wondering what Tumblr is, I really have no idea either 😉 I do have two followers on there though!

Speaking of not knowing about things if you haven’t noticed I am pretty green when it comes to this blogging stuff. I kind of feel like those insurance commercials where the lady thinks Facebook is putting pictures on her wall at home. So to those that notice I apologize and trust me I am pinning until my fingers bleed and researching as much as I can to figure this stuff out. I now pretty much know what meta and seo means without having to google it. (Please don’t quiz me just yet) As far as my amateur photography goes I am down to only a smart phone that is not so smart since both of my cameras crapped out on me. Plus I was never good at photography anyway but luckily Wisconsin is a very pretty state so it gives me a lot to work with 🙂

I want to clarify a couple of things. Personal trainer is actually my dad. Husband and step-son are well my husband and step-son. The reason I don’t put the “the” in front of their names all of the time is from what I understand a lot of bloggers change their families and friends names. So no I am not trying to be silly towards them I was just trying to follow the rules. I have been thinking about changing Avery’s name to she-ra. Not legally just bloggally. Percy will always be Percy. If you have ever met my fluffy bundle of cat you know he is just Percy.

I am working on putting posts into the categories so if there are things that I write about that just aren’t your bag you can easily skip over them. (If it’s my casserole posts that you don’t like I personally challenge you to not love corn casserole) I hope to make my blog as user-friendly as possible within the means that I have.

In conclusion, thank you all for reading this messy, half-put together blog 😉 I still get super excited when I see likes, comments and follows 😀 I look forward to writing more posts as soon as my blogger’s block disappears.

2014-09-23 001 008
See Wisco makes picture-taking easy
2014-04-02 001 002
He’s just Percy and that’s that