New Followers :)

I have noticed that I gained some new followers on this site. Which is wonderful and I thank you so much for following and finding me in my little corner of the world!! Unfortunately, I do not blog on this site anymore 😦 I have moved over to I am still trying to figure out how people are being directed to this site so I can stop the confusion. If you would like to hop over to my new site that would be great!! You can click on the link above to do so 🙂 I have moved all posts from this site and have new posts on my new site. Again, thank you so much for following me and I look forward to seeing you at my new home!!


New Blog Header


3 thoughts on “New Followers :)

    1. Okay I just checked it and it said the right address but then I went into a different spot in account settings and it did have my old site. So I just changed that one to my new site. Thanks again for telling me!!

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