Mommy has one nice shirt

About 500 times a day my daughter yanks on me and my clothing.  Usually I don’t mind because I am in my uniform of sweatpants and a comfy shirt. But on days like today when I actually put a nice top on I have to drop the hammer on my dear little girl. I pretty much have one “nice” top and then some scarves to go with a plain shirt. Good thing I only have two Thanksgivings to go to. Of course it is much more fun to shop for Avery because she fits into everything and she can wear cute shirts with kittens and hearts on them. Pretty sure if I wore a shirt with a cat on it I would get picked on ruthlessly. That’s why she has way more outfits than me.

I really never planned on the destruction this girl would do to my closet. She has turned more crew neck tees into v-necks than I can count. It seems like every time I go to pull out a shirt it is totally stretched out. She can turn an innocent outing into a PG-13 movie real quick. It seems like whenever we go out in public Avery decides to pull my shirt down and expose me. She has actually yanked on my pants in my public as well.

So once again today I had to explain to Avery that I only have one nice shirt and she had to stop pulling on it. That of course was after she “did” my hair for a while. Maybe Avery will have a career in fashion someday and that it why she is transforming my wardrobe 😉

My little office girl in training ❤ Don’t even ask her how her board meeting went today 😉