I go walkin’ after midnight because I am not smart

I don’t really go after midnight but I do go in the dark and I have realized a couple of things. First thing is that I do not dress appropriately; for the weather or the time of day. I walked to my dad’s (aka personal trainer) house tonight to do a workout and wore all black. Even my shoes. Not a good idea in Wisconsin at 7:00 p.m. at night, in November. It is pitch black out at that time. I was one of those people everyone complains about not being able to see. I will look into changing the color of my outfit but I am not going to wear a reflective vest. Just the thought of that and I start singing to myself “Fat girl in a little vest” Not that I have to wear a tight vest but I am sure you get the picture. Then the whole dress thing. If you live in Wisconsin or the mid-west you know all to well how fast the weather can change. For those of you that don’t let me give you a peek into our crazy weather world. On Monday I went hiking and was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. It was humid and feeling like spring or early summer. I think it was Thursday that it snowed. Mother nature is a cruel mistress sometimes. So tonight on my walk I was wearing a stocking hat, light jacket and pants. I should have added gloves and a scarf to the mix.

Another issue is that I am the most clumsiest person you will ever meet. I am not sure how many times I tripped on my walk tonight or how many times I hurt myself. Actually, the most dangerous thing I did tonight was in the light. I was on the elliptical at my dad’s house and I reached down to grab a drink. Somehow my ear bud wire got wrapped around a part on the elliptical and I almost fell off. I have fallen off before; not a good time.  My ankle is a little sore from a small accident I had the other day while hiking so I was trying to make sure I didn’t injure it worse. By doing that I hurt my other ankle tonight. As I am writing this I wonder how in the world I have made it this far in life without being in a full body cast.

The last and probably most important factor in this equation is that I scare myself half to death. I know I have mentioned that I watch too many murder mystery shows and I am seriously thinking I need to cut down. I was walking and even thinking about (gasp) running when I saw a boy standing outside of a car looking very suspicious. I immediately thought to myself drug deal or psycho killer. I was on a dimly lit street and all I had with me was my bottle of water, keys, phone and iPod. Nothing that could really fend off an attacker. As I got closer to the car I realized what was actually going on. It was two teenagers one in the car and one outside and they were either arguing or planning a tryst. (I couldn’t really hear anything cause I had my ear buds in and Rhi Rhi was blaring in my ears.) Then I heard the monotone woman from my Map My Walk app saying “You have reached one mile, total distance one mile”  They both looked at me really strange and stopped talking until I walked away. I think I ended up weirding them out more than they scared me. Another example of my crazy wild imagination; I pulled up to my fav hiking spot and the only other vehicle in the parking lot was a red van. Not a friendly red van but a creepy 70’s van that probably didn’t have any seats in the back. I thought about turning around but then realized this must be my fate so I proceeded into the woods. I kinda forgot about the van until out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of someone running and I heard screaming. Well you can just about imagine where my imagination took me. I paused Rhi Rhi and looked around me. The people who were running and screaming were Amish kids playing hide and go seek and the creepy red van was their drivers. At least I am aware of my surroundings people 😉

I am sure I will have more stories about my misadventures in exercise ( I am going on a hike tomorrow) that I can share with you. In the meantime here are some pictures that I was able to snap on some outings. No one was hurt in the taking of these pictures.

2014-10-27 001 004
Neat looking tree 🙂
2014-10-27 001 005
No more pretty fall color 😦
2014-10-26 001 005
Cool rocks. I did not walk to the edge.