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Today was going to be the day that I was going to take pictures and hit publish on a post I have been working on about my yard. I am super excited about the things that are coming up and some plans I have for flower beds. Since our yard is new to me it is fun to see what is all coming up this Spring.

This morning I woke up to snow. Omg! This stuff will not go away. We had some much needed rain all day yesterday and some time during the night it changed over to heavy and wet snow. I see everyone else is boycotting shoveling so I am glad we are all on the same page. Shoveling in October stinks. Shoveling in April is depressing. From what I understand we are to have highs in the 60’s this weekend so hopefully we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I decided to go out and take some pictures of the plants that are peeking out of the snow and the general messiness. It was literally raining melting snow on my head when I went out. Since there is so much slush it is like walking in a kiddie pool. Blurg. One of the spots I am planning on making into a nice flower bed looks like it has a moat around it. I guess that is what happens when you buy a house at the bottom of a hill (again) We must love a wet basement and a soggy yard. Of course Percy has to walk in the water in the basement so there are dirty kitty tracks all over the dining room floor. I thought cats didn’t like water? Even Avery is looking out the window like “What the what?” She has so been enjoying her time outside so I am sure this snow puts a damper on her plans to get muddy and run around like a wild animal.

Even though this snow literally takes the wind out of my sails (no hiking or digging in my yard) Well maybe not literally because I am not going sailing but you get the picture. Our neighbors to the South ended up with severe weather last night with some tornadoes. We are very lucky to not have that type of weather and of course we are thinking about them and wishing them the best. You can see the pictures I shared above that I took this morning of this white junk and I am hoping these will be the last pictures of snow for a while. If you have any pictures of what Spring is really supposed to look like feel free to share them with me:) I would love to see some flowers or a babbling brook 🙂 You can share them on my Facebook page Welcome to my World  or tweet me up on the Twitter to @6480Autumn.


10 thoughts on “Spring?

  1. We got the severe storm, but it lasted maybe a half an hour. The one that happened overnight the night before was worse I thought. No tornadoes thank God!!! Sorry to see you got the snow. It will be gone soon- PRAISE GOD!!!! hehe…

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  2. Wow! The temperature got up to 92 degrees in SC yesterday (only “officially” like 84, but 92 is what my thermometer said). Talk about one extreme to the other in April.

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      1. It is! And in a couple more months we will have the lovely humidity and real feel yelp days of 105. Did I mention I hate it? Haha. My husband’s niece in law is from Wisconsin too, she’s not a fan of our summer.


  3. I cannot imagine snow right now here in the UK. The sun is out and there is a sea of daffodils all around. I hope the weather improves soon for you. I know that for me personally my mood really picks up with the sunshine.

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    1. My post must have affected the weather because it was 60 and beautiful today 🙂 I totally agree with you about the weather affecting your mood. It was a great day today! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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