Here we are March 3 and it is still snowing and cold in Wisco. Ugh. Here I am wishing I could go to a warmer climate. Don’t get me wrong I really do like experiencing all four seasons and I honestly think that if I moved somewhere warmer I would so miss the fall and winter season. I am not very good at dealing with heat and humidity either. Check back with me in late July or early August I am sure I will be complaining about the weather. That is the beauty of Wisco we get to complain about the weather all we want because the weather is constantly changing and ruining our plans. There is nothing more heart wrenching than when you have a perfect shopping day planned and you wake up to freezing rain that turns into six inches of snow šŸ˜¦ Shopping plans canceled insert online shopping/browsing.

Anyway enough about the weather and back to the title of this post. My definition of a staycation: A vacation one takes when one does not have theĀ financial means to go on a real vacation or a babysitter. Of course after the tax fairy sprinkled her green pixy dust itĀ was very tempting to say “Let’s go and do something!!” Instead our furnace said “I am going to break!” “Ha ha fools!!” Now we sit in a warm house (finally!) with nothing to do but stare at each other (boring!). Since we have been staring at each other since October I was thinking we should mix it up a little. I decided we deserved to have something fun so I went on Amazon and ordered a couple dvd’s and a book for myself. I thought that should be good enough until yesterday. My mother stopped over yesterday and we decided to order some Chinese food for lunch. After some wonderful food I opened my fortune cookie. I guess the cookie could read my mind because it said “You need a new environment.” “Go on vacation.” Wow fortune cookies get me. If only fortune cookies offered free vacations to tropical places.

Today after I came down from my fortune cookie high I decided to take my staycation. My staycation will involve my new book and playing with Avery. I finally broke down and got her a toy we have had our eye on. It’s the Leap Frog Mobile Med Kit. It is super cute and I think we will have lots of fun. If only it came with a blood pressure cuff because I would love to know what mine is when Avery gets behind the couch and calls people with my phone. Yes readers I have to hide my phone so she doesn’t call people. We have left messages of me yelling at her and her pushing buttons. Sometimes she actually gets ahold of someone but all they hear are buttons being pushed and heavy breathing. But I digress.

Since I am not a good traveler it is probably a good thing I stay home. I have mentioned before that I watch way to many murder-mystery shows which leave a huge impact on my imagination. I have flown once and went to San Diego with two of my best girlfriends. While we were innocently waiting for the trolley to take us back to our hotel from the Gaslight District someone who I am sure was going to kidnap us asked if we were going to Tijuana because there have been a lot of murders there lately. I wanted to say “Really Tijuana; I thought that was a family friendly place?” Thank God the trolley came and whisked us away from a certain death. I am so much safer in the comfort of my own home with an abundance of murder-mystery shows, books and movies.

What type of person are you? Do you prefer a staycation or a vacation?

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