Ahhh Hiking

Finally the weather is cooperating and I have been able to get a couple hikes in. I guess mother nature didn’t like seeing me in my workout shorts because we are due for rain/freezing rain/sleet/snow or whatever else can come out of the sky later today. Sorry mother nature, if you would let me get outside I would maybe look a little better šŸ˜‰ Anyway, it was so nice to get outside and get some hiking in. I knew I missed hiking but I didn’t realize how much until I got to do it again. We have been getting a couple walks in too. Usually the walks are short because Avery is with and it doesn’t take her long to wonder into someone’s yard or just plain get sick of walking. Can’t really blame the gal but it is nice for her to get out too so we walk around the block and come home.

With this time of the year comes ice jams and huge chunks of ice on the shorelines. Of course I snapped a couple of pics of some ice for you all to enjoy. I didn’t get a chance to get any pics of the big ice jam this year but you will get the just of it. Since I am still dealing with a really annoying head cold I am going to cut this one short and let you enjoy the pics I did take. Once this cold is gone (which better be soon) I will get back to blogging more and hopefully cleaning my house too. I felt good enough to hike today for a little while and go on a short walk and now I am back to feeling like a zombie. I am sure if you would have seen me hiking today you would have wondered why I was outside. Between sneezingĀ breaks and clearing my nose breaks I probably looked pretty silly. Don’t worry I took my used Kleenex’s home to dispose of them. I didĀ see usedĀ Kleenex on the trails (Eww)

If you have a chance get out and enjoy this weather! If any of you have any pics of the great outdoors feel free to share them. You can share them with me on my Facebook page (Welcome to my World), the twitter (tweet to @6480Autumn) or on here. I love to see what everyone’s world looks like šŸ™‚

Last weekend hiking before the big sickness šŸ™‚
River is open!! (For now)

IMG_20150322_102731 IMG_20150322_102753 IMG_20150322_103320