Ferberizaton Update

Looking back I realize I am not the best on updating about previous posts and such so I am going to do a little update on the ferberization situation or sleep-gate as I like to call it. I will throw in a couple other updates as well.

We are well into our ferberizing. It is not going well. Avery did sleep a good five hours before she woke up last night wanting to do her normal spa routine. As ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again” played in my head Avery was placed into her own warm snuggly bed and I retreated back to mine. To say she was upset is an understatement. There were books a flyin’ and words being said under her breath. I held strong until I had to get up and then she was released from bedroom jail. Much to her surprise she was not going back to bed but she was going downstairs to start her day. Another part of my evil ferberization plan. As of right now we are working on early naps before I cut them out completely. I am just not sure Avery is truly ready to go without a nap. If she doesn’t get her nap in she crashes out at 5:00 p.m. and then it really does get to be a late night so I am going to try napping around 11:30. We have also been spending tons of time outside and I think that does help too. The arboretum helped in getting her to sleep. Which was great but it only worked for the afternoon nap so I think we will try going in the evening. After we had been home for a little while from the arboretum Avery started pulling and itching her left ear. Great, during ferberization I gave her an ear infection. Then of course other absurd thoughts came into my head like she had some weird bug in her ear that was on its way to her brain. You know, totally logical things that could happen on an innocent hike. Luckily it was just a lot of wax. For some reason she had tons of it even though I had just cleaned her ears the day before. So to recap on the sleeping we are looking for a little more of this at night

2014-12-17 001 002

And a little less of this at night

2014-10-23 001 002

As much as I love that little face I need some sleep! Speaking of sleep for me I did find out that I have a sinus infection which is causing me to feel extra tired. Great. Better than the alternative though. So now I am on antibiotics and some new to me allergy med that has a decongestant so if some of this doesn’t make sense it is due to that. I get so loopy sometimes on cold meds it is crazy. So far this one hasn’t been too bad.  While I was at the clinic I was pleasantly surprised by the fact they were having a book fair. It definitely was my lucky day. I picked up some books for Avery and some books for one of the gift baskets I am going to do for the pig roast. I will definitely post pictures of the baskets when I finish them up. I also learned I lost one pound. Not sure how that happened because I definitely haven’t been full strength on the workout train lately. Between sleep-gate and my sinuses I just haven’t been working out as much as I would like to. But I am getting back to full strength because personal trainer wants to do a 5k this summer. Yikes! I am excited and nervous. I will be really happy if I make it through without being hauled off on a stretcher. Not because I think I can’t do it (well, maybe a little) but I am so accident prone. Stayed tuned for that one. I will either be posting a picture of me smiling or me loaded up into an ambulance.

Wish us luck with sleep-gate. I think we need it 😉 If you have any magical tips or tricks I would love to hear them. I feel like we have tried everything….

Friday night snowshoeing, Monday morning workout and everything inbetween

I guess you could call this post a “filler”  From what I have been reading you’re not supposed to write “fillers” but I have never been much of a rule follower and I have so much to share so here goes!

First off I joined Facebook!! Not me personally, but my blog! I am amazed at the reception I have gotten. I have 53 likes already and I just joined on Friday! Thank you to everyone that has “liked” my Facebook page 🙂 If you scroll way down to the bottom on the right hand side there is an option to “like” my Facebook page. I am enjoying it so much that I have even considered joining the Twitter 😉 We will see because I am still a little confused on what I am supposed to do on the Twitter.

Friday night I was able to try out my new snowshoes! Very exciting and it didn’t result in an ER trip. Personal trainer had been talking about going snowshoeing at night when there is a full moon because you can see and he said it is really cool. So Friday night was our night. Personal trainer arrived at my house around 6:00 p.m. and we started adjusting my snowshoes. It actually took two grown men to do this. In a way I kind of felt like Cinderella but in another way I kinda felt like a dumb ass. Instead of a glass slipper I had snowshoes. Then I realized “How in the world am I going to do this by myself?” I need to get more mechanically inclined? Unfortunately, the clouds didn’t cooperate so we were stuck just walking up and down a small hill at the entrance to the arboretum. I was a little worried that people would think we were crazy for walking back and forth but as far as I know no one pointed and laughed. We did get to enter the arboretum and snowshoe a little but it was kind of dark. I am hoping for better luck next month. Of course I asked a really stupid question “Is there a full moon every month?” I got a yes if anyone was wondering. The snowshoes came off pretty easily so maybe there is hope for me.

Saturday was the day set aside to finish Christmas shopping. I did the full Autumn shopping experience. I drank iced coffee, had supper, got my nails did and shopped for many hours. If I wouldn’t have been by myself I would have indulged in an adult beverage. I know I will be busted by husband when he reads this because I left out the nails part. But shopping got really hard and stressful and I just wanted to sit down 😉 Maybe it was the fumes from the polish but they talked me into getting a pedicure and manicure. They also talked me into getting “gel” nails. I am still not sure what this all entails even though they are on me. I am also not sure how to get them off. The gal told me they aren’t fake nails and they will stay much longer than regular polish. She was so right about that. After taking a while off from cleaning I had to cram it all in last night. Not a chip or scratch. Not sure if I will have nail left or just bloody stubs after the gel nail removal. I will keep you all posted as I am sure you are at the edge of your seats 😉

Monday morning I decided I better go workout since I unintentionally took the weekend off. Lucky for me personal trainer is on vacation so I can take Avery with me. I hope he is enjoying his vacay as much as I am 🙂 It is so nice to go workout in the morning instead of trying to cram it in after husband gets home. It seems like I am always rushing off after supper to go workout and then when I get home it is bedtime for Avery. Plus it is safer for me when during the day. If you have read my blog before you know things get tricky for me after dark. Anyway after a break from working out I was surprised how much my workout today tired me out. Phew it was a little intense! I had to listen to quite a few “rally” songs to get me going. “Rally” songs are what I like to call songs that get me movin’. I have a couple faves. I am glad I got to workout in the privacy of a home instead of a gym. There is talk of me going back to the gym but I haven’t officially committed. Even though it was intense I feel so much better after working out. I was feeling really sluggish and now I feel great! Except for the nagging feeling that I need a nap I feel great 😉

Thanks for reading my “filler” and I promise to have more interesting stuff down the line. Who knows maybe it isn’t a “filler” but I am new to blogging and the lingo so I am going to go with it. Don’t forget my amateur photography!

2014-12-08 001 008
Gel nails
2014-12-08 001 002
Monday morning workout
2014-12-08 001 003
Snowshoeing after dark