I am a dot com!!

Well folks it is here!! My website that is. My theme is in place and I have started decorating!! I have moved all of my posts and I am so glad that part is over!!!! There is more decorating and widgets to add but I just couldn’t wait any longer 😉 So my new home on the internet is here!! Now keep in mind I still have things to do.

I thought and thought about when I should share my new site. I had always planned to have everything ready to go before I shared it. Between Avery needing me and my house falling apart around me I realized it will take me a lot longer to move then I thought. So even though I am probably doing the wrong thing I am going to share it early 🙂 Last night when I started moving things I got a little nostalgic about this site and my old posts. I wish I could stay here but if I want to keep moving forward I need to have a site that is my own. Even though this is a very exciting news step for me it is scary too. I could fall flat on my face and have a sad little website that looks like a ghost town. I could lose all of my followers due to broken links or having to re-subscribe. Oh the thoughts I have had. When I first saw my new site I had a little feeling that I am moving in the right direction.

From this point forward I will not longer be posting new blog entries on this site. If you would like to come with me just click the link that I shared above and it will take you to my new site. You can still subscribe by email to my new site and follow me on Facebook and the Twitter 🙂 As much as I love my little spot on the internet here it is time to say goodbye to wordpress.com and hello to wordpress.org 🙂 Thank you all so much for supporting me on this site and I look forward to seeing you at my new home!!

New Blog Header


My blogging report

Since WordPress put together such a nice report for my blog I figured I should follow-up with a less nice version 😉 But seriously I do want to put something together in my own words.

First off I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading, commenting, sharing, messaging me and following me. I really cannot believe how many people have reached out to me in the four short months of having a blog. I never in a million years dreamed that this blog would get the response that it has. I am still shocked on how many people have reached out to me so far. It is very nice and encouraging to receive the messages and comments from everyone. I really do enjoy chatting with everyone 🙂

Another thing I did not expect when I started blogging was the people I would meet and all of the things I would learn and see  from the comfort of my living room. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone, seeing pictures and learning things about different states and countries. Maybe I am nerdy but I really do like learning new things! I guess I know I am nerdy since the highlight of my week was installing an updated version of Microsoft Office on my computer and discovering all of the new things about the programs 😉

To date I have had 2,513 views of my blog. I would have never guessed that I would have that many ever. I have 151 followers between email, Facebook, the Twitter and Tumblr. For those of you wondering what Tumblr is, I really have no idea either 😉 I do have two followers on there though!

Speaking of not knowing about things if you haven’t noticed I am pretty green when it comes to this blogging stuff. I kind of feel like those insurance commercials where the lady thinks Facebook is putting pictures on her wall at home. So to those that notice I apologize and trust me I am pinning until my fingers bleed and researching as much as I can to figure this stuff out. I now pretty much know what meta and seo means without having to google it. (Please don’t quiz me just yet) As far as my amateur photography goes I am down to only a smart phone that is not so smart since both of my cameras crapped out on me. Plus I was never good at photography anyway but luckily Wisconsin is a very pretty state so it gives me a lot to work with 🙂

I want to clarify a couple of things. Personal trainer is actually my dad. Husband and step-son are well my husband and step-son. The reason I don’t put the “the” in front of their names all of the time is from what I understand a lot of bloggers change their families and friends names. So no I am not trying to be silly towards them I was just trying to follow the rules. I have been thinking about changing Avery’s name to she-ra. Not legally just bloggally. Percy will always be Percy. If you have ever met my fluffy bundle of cat you know he is just Percy.

I am working on putting posts into the categories so if there are things that I write about that just aren’t your bag you can easily skip over them. (If it’s my casserole posts that you don’t like I personally challenge you to not love corn casserole) I hope to make my blog as user-friendly as possible within the means that I have.

In conclusion, thank you all for reading this messy, half-put together blog 😉 I still get super excited when I see likes, comments and follows 😀 I look forward to writing more posts as soon as my blogger’s block disappears.

2014-09-23 001 008
See Wisco makes picture-taking easy
2014-04-02 001 002
He’s just Percy and that’s that