Funny things I get excited about now that I am a mom

Before I became a mom I would have never dreamed about the things I get excited about or make me happy now. From bowel movements to burps and everything in between. Here are some of the weird and funny things that I get excited about now:

  •  I get excited when you poop. It started when you would get backed up; now it happens when you go in the toilet.
  •  I used to get excited when you would burp. Who knew a burp could bring so much joy into a person’s life?
  • I get excited when I find a toy or book I know you are going to love.
  • I get excited when I help you open up presents (even when they are from me)
  • Sometimes I get excited when you pee. When my inner worry wart comes out and I think you haven’t been peeing enough I get excited when you actually do. Of course when it’s in the toilet I am elated!
  • I get excited every time you learn something. Whether it be with your blocks, puzzles or pretty much anything.
  • I actually get excited when there are new episodes of your favorite show.
  • I get excited when you try a new food and like it!

There are many more silly things that I get excited about but these are the ones that come to mind. Thanks for making my life so exciting!

I get excited when you hold my hand. (I kinda knew that would happen)

Big girl bed and potty training; I must be crazy?

We are moving into our second week of potty training and the end of our first month in the big girl bed. The more literature I read I am understanding it is not recommended to do both at the same time. I am starting to understand why.

After many attempts of going on the big potty Sunday we had success. Not only did we have a number one but we had a number two as well. I was so excited I wanted to take a picture! (I decided against it) So Avery got a star on her potty chart, a big hug and kiss from her momma and her potty made the princess noises. Avery could have cared less. She pulled up her pants and walked away still checking her emails on her Leap Frog laptop. I didn’t let that deter me; I was on the horn telling tons of people how Avery went on the potty and what a good girl she is. Fast-forward two days and we are back on the potty. We have sat since but no dice until today. I could tell it was going to happen and I was super excited until I peeked in the bathroom; there was Avery with her laptop and a pile of poop on the floor. She had dropped her laptop so she hopped off the potty and I am assuming while she was picking it up she pooped on the floor. Ugh! I did get her back on in time for her to finish her duty on the potty. (Does that get a half star then?) I do blame myself because I should have been in there with her but of course I just wanted to finish up washing a couple of dishes and I could still see her from the kitchen so I thought that would be good enough.So again my bragging about my child totally came back to haunt me. (You would think I would learn my lesson) I guess it could have been worse and I am assuming more jobbies will end up on the floor. She did seem disturbed that her poop was on the floor so maybe she will let the laptop go next time until she is done.

The big girl bed has been going better than I thought but we have been having some hiccups. It seems like Avery likes to crawl in bed with us around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. every other night or so. I also have a problem not falling asleep in her bed. Last night I was so tired when I put her to bed that I think I fell asleep in there. I am pretty sure I did anyway. I vaguely remember getting up and going to our bed in the middle of the night. Unless I was sleep walking or dreaming which we all know how vivid and realistic my dreams are so it could have very well been a dream. Then my worry always has to kick in. I sit and wonder “Is she still breathing” “Is she warm enough?” Then I have to go and check. After I am done shining my phone on her to see if she is breathing and tucking the blankets around her one more time; I am surprised she is still sleeping through all of my poking and prodding.

Before we started any of this business we talked about doing one at a time. We both decided on the big girl bed first because we were sick of getting pelted with tiny fists and feet every night. But then I started to realize that Avery needed to sit on that potty and I didn’t want to miss my window. She does seem “aware” that she is going potty and she does not want any of that poopy business in her diaper. I am hoping that this works out and we can just do both at the same time. I knew there would be trials and tribulations with both (especially potty training) so I better just stock up on Lysol wipes and dive in. Am I crazy? I probably am but if I can be done with diapers and get some sleep I will be a very happy crazy person 🙂

2014-11-25 001 001
I gave her the full star, at least she was in the vicinity of the potty 😉

Potty Time

2014-11-16 001 001
Ready to go 😉

You guessed it today is the day; we are starting potty training. We have been preparing for months. We got a potty chair tons of cute underwear, pull-ups and a Elmo DVD. I probably should have had her on the potty a long time ago but I didn’t. Call it lazy or stupid but I pushed it to the side until today.

I have been really thinking about it for a couple of weeks now and my decision was made this morning in the form of a diaper change. If you don’t like talking or reading about bowel movements maybe you should skip this one. I promise I won’t get too graphic. Anyway back to this morning. Avery was playing in our room off of the living room. It was supposed to be a place for our desk, husbands hunting stuff and just a odds and ends kinda room. It has become Avery’s toy room. I walked in there to see what she was up to when I got a whiff of what she was doing. OMG have you ever looked in your kids diaper and thought this belongs in a toilet? I did today. So upstairs I went to retrieve her potty chair and pull-ups.

Avery has been playing with this chair for a long time. It has a little button that you push when they actually go and it makes little princess noises. Not really sure how else to describe the noises. It’s a princess potty chair. Of course the button is exposed so she has been pressing it. She has also been showing what I think are signs of being ready. She is “aware” that she is going to the bathroom or at least I think so. She runs off and hides when she has to do a jobbie and you better not follow her. If you do you get the “glare”; she likes to have a little peace and quiet 😉

My biggest dilemma so far is I can’t decide whether to put her in pull-ups or just start with underwear. She really doesn’t care to wear diapers anymore; so I am thinking maybe if I put her underwear on she will do better. Another problem is our main bathroom is upstairs. You are probably thinking just put her in the downstairs bathroom dummy. Well the problem with that is the bathroom is extremely small. There is enough space to turn around and that is about it. I really don’t think the chair will even fit in there. This potty training thing is all new to me so any tips or advice are welcomed. I hear the “princess sounds” of the potty chair so we better get started. Wish us luck!!