It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

It’s the most happiest time of the year; ding-dong, ding-dong!! Cranberry Sprite is here!! Ding dong, ding-dong!! Yes folks I am enjoying my first Cranberry Sprite of the year. I know it’s been out for a while but I finally purchased some last night. No, this post is not all about Cranberry Sprite but I do kinda want to shout off the rooftops about it 😉

I have finally started getting ready for Christmas. I think the shopping is done and we even put up our tree. It is half decorated because of Avery but it’s up. This year we even added a tree skirt. Mostly because of Percy. Percy loves Christmas tree water; it’s like gold to him. I was a little scared of him last night when he figured out he couldn’t get to his fave watering hole. But I woke up this morning and so far all is well. We even hung the stockings with care at the highest point we could find.

Since we put the tree up and I was feeling festive I told the kids they could open one present early. It was pretty easy for step-son to pick which one since I only had one wrapped 😉 I didn’t have any of Avery’s wrapped so she ended up getting her Deema doll. Deema is from the Bubble Guppies and Avery loves her. I guess wrapping presents is on the future agenda.

Now it’s time to start planning for the meal I am supposed to be making on Wednesday. I know I should have been thinking about this a long time ago but I have been a big procrastinator this year. Husband is getting a ham from the company he is working for so I will be making that. (I just have to find something for me to eat because we all know how I feel about ham.) It’s a little scary making a main dish that you don’t eat because you have to rely on the opinion of others and sometimes they are not truthful. I have made ham before and they all say it is very good; but is it really or are they trying to spare my feelings? I guess the jokes on them if they don’t like it because I keep making it 😉 If it was up to me we would have Cranberry Sprite and Cupcake Moscato D’ Asti for dinner. If you do like Moscato once in a while or a little more than that I definitely recommend Cupcake Moscato. It is wonderful 🙂 But unfortunately these people want to eat too so I will have to come up with a little more than drinks. I am a little stuck on the potatoes too; since we are having ham it seems logical to have ham gravy. But why in the world I want to miss out on mashed potatoes too? I will have to come up with a plan for that one. I think some of the reason I am procrastinating is because making a big meal is a lot of work. All of the planning, shopping and making of the food makes me want to hibernate for the winter. So I gave myself an early present this year. I decided that since I am making the meal on Wednesday I am not making supper tonight or tomorrow. I haven’t told anyone else yet so we will see how it goes. I really think that it is only fair so if anyone else wants to jump on my no making supper train until Christmas; hop on and enjoy this blissful ride 😉

This year on Christmas day we have nowhere to go so I am planning a little surprise for us. Since husband loves Will Ferrell  we are going to watch Elf, eat leftovers, play with presents and maybe even do some baking. I know you are probably thinking “Why in the world are you baking on Christmas?!?” Well, I haven’t done any yet. The last time I baked was the end of November. So it sounds like a perfect day to do some baking. We have never had a Christmas day where we had nothing planned and I am so excited to have a lazy day at home where we can just enjoy time together 😀 I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the day with family and friends!!

It’s only just begun….


Oh Cranberry Sprite, how I adore thee