Be happy with what you did get done today

Since I have not been getting much done around the house lately or blogging due to our furnace issues I thought it was a good day to share my third article I wrote for Moms Magazine 🙂 You can find it here I think after two days of furnace issues we are finally going to be in a nice warm home again. Which is awesome news since the high on Sunday is going to be 3. Just a little background on our furnace issues we had it cleaned yesterday and today we woke up to a balmy 62 degrees ;( Luckily we were able to go to personal trainer’s while it was being repaired. Avery never felt the cold due to her nice warm flannel sheets 🙂 Those sheets are one of the best investments I have made for her and I have to admit I am a little jelly of them. If I find some on clearance this spring I will be purchasing some. Of course we had to keep our little Percy warm during the furnace issues. Don’t worry I will give you a visual. I would have loved to take Percy with us but personal trainer does not live in a Percy friendly home 😉 Anyway I am hoping after a nap I can get some stuff done around here and get caught up on some blogging.

My poor Percy kitten all cuddled up 😉

Oh the weather outside

Stinks. That’s it; it just stinks. This post is going to be really whiney so if you are not in the mood for that maybe turn around and come back tomorrow when I think it is supposed to be 19 degrees above 0. If you are in the mood to listen to my gripes have a seat and get comfy.

As of right now the temperature here is -8 but with the wind chill it feels more like -20 to -30 below. Ugh. If it was January this would be somewhat acceptable but it is February 19 and I will not have this type of weather anymore. Do I have a choice? Heck no! Am I going to whine when it is super hot and humid this summer? You bet! Usually I deal with the weather because we experience all four seasons here and usually to the extreme. But in the past 24 hours we have had some happenings that I blame solely on the weather.

One would think you could turn the faucet on and water would come out; not last night. Pipes were frozen again. I learned my lesson from last time and I made sure to run the water periodically in said sink yesterday so this wouldn’t happen. I guess that wasn’t enough. Husband went upstairs to unfreeze the pipe with my blow dryer; soon after he came back downstairs with some bad news. The pipe was still frozen and my blow dryer became a victim of this cold weather. RIP Conair blow dryer from I would have to say circa 2002? It was a very faithful friend but it couldn’t withstand two pipes freezes in a row. So at 8:00 p.m. I was running off to get a new blow dryer and milk. In the end the pipe is unfrozen and mama has a new blow dryer with a diffuser!!

Last night we also decided that we should have our furnace cleaned. So I was to call the guy today. Husband had informed me that they would need to shut the furnace off so I should crank it up before they came so it would stay warm in here. I figured it would be a couple of days before they could come since it isn’t an emergency. When I called this morning they said they could actually come in a half-hour. Awesome until I looked at my house. Avery was still in her pj’s and I had tons of dishes. Oh and I forgot to clean the kitty box last night that is located in the basement. Crap. Literally crap. I first cranked up the heat as I was instructed then headed down to the basement for a quick clean of the kitty box. I swept up any litter that had spilled out because my dear Percy loves to kick a little litter out and then I sprayed the box with his cleaner so it would smell fresh. I decided to leave Avery in her fuzzy pj’s since they are so warm and I quickly did the dishes. I even fit in a little vacuuming. After all of that running around I realized it is downright balmy in here. How high did I turn up the thermostat? The guy is still here so we will see what happens there. We can never simply call the guy without something else happening. Usually husband is the guy but he is stuck working overtime outside in this bitter cold.

This morning when I was sleepily digging in the refrigerator for my milk I noticed that my hand had actually taken a dip in a small pool. Blurg. The fridge is leaking from some unknown place. This time I called personal trainer. After waking him up (Ah the retirement life) he informed me that he really doesn’t know too much about refrigerators but that I probably need to defrost it or worse. I blame this on this weather too.

Last but certainly not least my iPod quit today. I got the dreaded “black screen” I was literally just using it minutes before. So I decided to text step-son since he is the proud owner of an iPod to ask him what the what happened. He informed me that it needed to be charged and if that didn’t work then the iPod was beyond repair. Well, that was like taking a knife to the heart. I told him that I definitely had enough battery and his text back stated “I don’t know what else to tell u.” He doesn’t mess around when it comes to giving someone bad news 😉 I know I probably sound like a teenager when it comes to my iPod but I am a teenager when it comes to my iPod. My iPod is my life; it is way cooler than my phone and it has all of my favorite music. As of 10:10 I am still looking at a black screen and it has been charging since 7:30. Another victim of this weather.

I know you are probably all thinking “It could be a lot worse for you lady.” I know it could, but I think all of this being cooped up in the house is bringing me down. So I am going to try to look at the bright side. The tax fairy should be coming soon. Instead of getting that bright and shiny new camera I wanted I might be looking at a new refrigerator instead. Or a repair at least. With all of the banging going on in the basement I wonder if there is more going on down there than just a cleaning. But the good thing is that the tax fairy is on her way and husband is working so we will have a nice warm house and cool refrigerated items. I am not giving up on my precious iPod just yet. I still want to be a cool dudette with my iPod 😉  I looked ahead to the March forecast and it looks like around March 10 it might be 40 degrees. Oh the weather outside…..

Why do I live somewhere that you have to dress like this to spend time outside?