Be happy with what you did get done today

Since I have not been getting much done around the house lately or blogging due to our furnace issues I thought it was a good day to share my third article I wrote for Moms Magazine 🙂 You can find it here I think after two days of furnace issues we are finally going to be in a nice warm home again. Which is awesome news since the high on Sunday is going to be 3. Just a little background on our furnace issues we had it cleaned yesterday and today we woke up to a balmy 62 degrees ;( Luckily we were able to go to personal trainer’s while it was being repaired. Avery never felt the cold due to her nice warm flannel sheets 🙂 Those sheets are one of the best investments I have made for her and I have to admit I am a little jelly of them. If I find some on clearance this spring I will be purchasing some. Of course we had to keep our little Percy warm during the furnace issues. Don’t worry I will give you a visual. I would have loved to take Percy with us but personal trainer does not live in a Percy friendly home 😉 Anyway I am hoping after a nap I can get some stuff done around here and get caught up on some blogging.

My poor Percy kitten all cuddled up 😉