Birthday Hangover

That is how I feel after the big Birthday blowout. So yesterday was the big day; the party was planned, the food was bought and we were ready to roll. At 6:00 a.m. the day started by me putting the ham in the crock pot. Then we moved on to salads, dip and meatballs. Then it was on to decorating and last-minute cleaning. So I pulled out all of my homemade Tangled decorations and away we went. After decorating it was a trip to the store to pick up the cake and balloons. That was an adventure. Somewhere in my sleepless haze I told the store to blow up 17 balloons. OMG what in the world was I thinking!?!? I am sure I looked absolutely ridiculous carrying my balloons across the parking lot in my yoga capris (I upgraded from yoga pants) and no make-up. The balloons overtook me they were everywhere. Finally I just let them blow around behind me while I walked very fast to my car. Then I actually had to get them into the car. I am surprised I didn’t get choked by all of the ribbon. Needless to say I was not able to see out of my back window on the way home.

When I started to get my daughter dressed for her party I realized something. She had boogers in her hair. Ugh I had no time to give her a bath the party started at noon and it was 11:30. So we got them out and moved on. Then the guests started to arrive, we had a great turnout! Avery had tons of littles and adults come to celebrate with her 🙂 She even had her little boyfriend over ❤ They don’t go on dates by themselves or anything they are always supervised 😉

Of course the day wouldn’t be complete without Avery going to her toilet water park. We couldn’t find her and then my husband came out of the bathroom with a soaked Avery. So she had a wardrobe change and we went back to partying. Then came the gifts. Tons and tons of them. She has quite a few favorites but her absolute is the Bubble Guppies Check-up Center and Clambulance. I have to admit it is pretty cute. She has been playing with all of her toys ever since her party. She also got a little Minnie Mouse doll. That thing hasn’t left her hand all day. She even held it while she ate supper.

After we had cake it was time to play outside. The kids had a blast running around. Did I mention that I gave out princess wands to the girls and light-up bouncy balls to the boys? My advice is if you give out bouncy balls at a party maybe use them as a parting gift. The kids were really good with them until they got outside. Someone got hit in the eye.

Once everyone left it was time to vacuum my stupid maroon carpet (I’ll explain later, let’s just say it shows everything) Then we pretty much sat around because we all ate too much. We also had a Birthday party for my best friends kids the day before. It was a lot of over eating all weekend. I am happy to report that we were all sleeping my 8:30 last night! Oh happy day!! Avery slept from 8:30 until 6:30 this morning when she fell out of the bed. Not a good morning for her. She is very clumsy and accident prone I think she gets it from me 😦  We washed all of her new duds she got yesterday so she could wear some today.

All in all it was a good party. A little stressful at times preparing and trying to get the house clean but it was all worth it to see how happy she was 🙂 She loved the balloons all 17 of them. She is still loving 16 of them today, we gave one away. We tried to give more away but the rest of the parents were smart and said no. I kind of forced the one parent that took one. Here are some pics of my silly decorations and Avery playing. Enjoy!!

2014-10-12 001 024
The Bubble Guppies Check-up center and Clambulance 🙂
2014-10-12 001 010
Home made decoration
2014-10-12 001 002
More home-made decorations

2014-10-12 001 001 2014-10-12 001 012 2014-10-12 001 009

Planning the Ultimate Birthday Party

As I mentioned before my daughter’s Birthday is coming up. We are busy trying to clean, plan and decorate 🙂 Not sure if it’s just my daughter or if it’s everybody’s kids but she only likes things that are impossible to find. She LOVES the Bubble Guppies so last year we did a Bubble Guppies Birthday party. I would go to stores and ask about decorations and such and all I would get was, “Who are the Bubble Guppies?” I did find some things online but that was few and far between and they were pretty expensive. All I ended up buying for decorations were three plastic cups and a couple of balloons. The rest I made myself. I am absolutely horrible at crafts, I try my hardest but I can barely cut in the lines. I also have horrible handwriting, that is why I type. I see tons of really cute Birthday banners or things that should really be written out with beautiful handwriting and I think how neat but my handwriting hasn’t improved since fifth grade. But I do have letter stencils, they are my friend.  Thank God for Pinterest! I even joined the Nick Jr. Bubble Guppies fan club because they email free printable s. So between the emails and Pinterest I put a half-ass party together. This year there is Bubble Guppies party supplies galore. They even make cards now! Ugh! If I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any at all.

This year her love of Bubble Guppies has not waned but she also loves Tangled. So we are going to give it a go with the Tangled theme. Problem is everyone loves Frozen! Which we do to but she loves Tangled even more. So the hunt is on for Tangled decorations but here is the kicker they are hard to find. There is Frozen stuff everywhere but Tangled is a little harder to find. It would probably be a little easier if I didn’t live 40 minutes from a larger city and 60 minutes from an even larger city with some party stores. So here we sit with the printer humming and me cutting and failing miserably.

Did I mention the cake? Yeah Tangled cakes are complicated to say the least. We did have her cake made last year but this year I am going to try to make her one. I might give up and sell a kidney or something to buy her one because I don’t have enough patience for baking.

Why you ask am I obsessed with throwing her the ultimate Birthday party? I ask myself the same thing and the answer is I have no freaking clue. I think I convince myself that I am actually good at planning things and making things look nice. Last year someone said to me that I should have used walkie-talkies when we were setting the party up so I could communicate with my husband and step-son better. They were joking; I considered it. Maybe I enjoy a challenge and like being stressed out over nothing. The funny thing is my daughter doesn’t even realize the great lengths I go to put these parties together. I tell myself she will have the pictures to prove it though. In conclusion I wish all of you parents that are as crazy as me good luck in planning your kids next party. If you need any decorations that look like a toddler cut them I would be happy to send some your way 😉

The coveted three cups 😉
Cake, cupcakes, treats and a cat tail