Be the bigger person

I have always had a hard time being the bigger person. In every situation instead of stepping back I react right away. After it’s all said and done I wonder “What would have happened if I had just stepped back and thought if the situation really called for a reaction?” Sometimes it is better to be a person of few words than a person of many.

I have decided to try this new me out. The me that doesn’t overreact but stops and assess the situation first. Sometimes that is what people want is a reaction. They want the argument or bad blood to continue because they feed off of that. In turn your world gets turned upside down by this disagreement or past feelings. We need to start thinking “Is this really worth it?” “Do we need to react and drudge up these sour feelings again?” “Maybe we can let a sleeping dog lie and move on.”

Of course there are obvious situations where things need to be worked out. If it’s an argument with your kids, husband, friend or co-worker that needs to be resolved to move on than yes get it out and hash it out. But if it’s with an acquaintance or someone you really have no plans of speaking to again do you really need to have the argument? I am starting to think no. Life is too short to be wrapped up in arguments and disagreements. It’s time to start moving on and letting go.

I am one of those people who beat a subject to death. If I am upset about something I obsess over it and think about it constantly. Since I have been trying out the “new” me I have not been doing that as much. It’s not worth the stress or time it takes. Stress can do a lot of harm to your body and life. It’s time to stop the stress of things or situations you have no control over. Sometimes you just don’t understand another’s point of view or you simply do not get along with someone. That’s okay. Be the bigger person and walk away.

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