Parenting Is

Parenting is thinking you are giving up an old life for a new life with a child. Then you hear their first cry and realize you never lived until that moment.

Parenting is scary. I have to bring this baby home now? Where are the nurses?

Parenting is messy. That all to familiar poop smell at 3:00 a.m. or the first solid food feeding.

Parenting is exciting. The first hug, first steps, first words and all of the other amazing firsts.

Parenting is exhausting. That moment when you realize you don’t remember the last time you slept more than four hours in a row.

Parenting is fun. Who doesn’t want to play hide and go seek or chutes and ladders again?

Parenting is hard. When they are in pain or get their feelings hurt and you want to cry right along with them.

Parenting is rewarding. Watching your child accomplish something for the first time and seeing that they believe in themselves.

Parenting is learning to be silly again. Laughing and having fun with your child is the best.

Parenting is love. Loving another human being more than you could ever love yourself.

Parenting is when you look back and realize you would do it all over again ❤


12 thoughts on “Parenting Is

  1. Beautiful post!

    With our little guy, I remember being shocked when my dad and stepmom left our house shortly after getting home on that first day. “Who’s gonna make sure I don’t mess this up?!” 😀

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    1. Thanks!! When we brought Avery home we were like “now what?” Of course it was awesome to bring her home from the NICU but after having nurses to help with everything it was a little intimidating 😉

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      1. Those nurses ❤️ The nurse told us with BG that our insurance covered a four night stay if we wanted to take advantage of it…we did. Only had two nights with the boy.

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      2. We were in the same position taking our first-born home from the NICU. We had never really been alone with her and were so scared about taking her home. Of course it all turned out fine though.

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  2. The first line of this post is so true for me. Having my daughter was truly the moment I left behind the nightlife. No more clubs, no more drunk karaoke, no more getting ready to go downtown on a Saturday, no more doing anything on a Saturday night. My lifestyle changed completely, and I don’t regret it. I love every second of being a mom, and I’m happy I got to experience my pre-mom lifestyle because it makes me appreciate motherhood that much more.

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