5 Reasons why it’s awesome to live in Wisconsin

I know what you are all thinking “She’s bragging because the Badgers won last night.” Well, maybe a little but when you think about it; it’s pretty cool to live here in Wisconsin. Now some of these reasons are only for the adults (day drinking) but most of them are kid friendly.

  1. We have the best fans for our sports teams. I have heard it time and time again and have heard people say it that don’t even live here. Only in Wisco is it totally acceptable to wear a cheesehead out in public. Sometimes people wear them that are not at a Packer game or anywhere near Green Bay. We cheer on our teams through the good times and the bad times. If you are going to stand out in below zero weather with no shirt on and your chest painted green and gold you are not just a fair weather fan. Or on the other hand if you are going to tailgate, cook brats and play bean bags in 90 degree weather plus humidity to then go and watch the Brewers play in a stadium where the sun is beating down on you; you are not a fair weather fan.
  2. Day Drinking. This goes hand in hand with sports and pretty much anything in Wisco. It is perfectly acceptable to begin drinking at 11:00 a.m. I mean why go camping if you can’t day drink? Usually the ratio of bars to people in Wisconsin cities are pretty close. The bars and liquor stores are open everyday (sorry Minnesota lol) You can usually find a Bloody Mary any day of the week that is more like a meal than an alcoholic beverage. We make a lot of our own beer and love to support our local breweries. I mean come on our baseball team is called the Brewers.
  3. Cheese and cheese curds. Have you ever had our cheese curds? Deep fried or squeaky they are the absolute best. At any type of event or family function you can bet your ass you will find cheese curds and/or a cheese and sausage tray. There are tons of specialty cheese shops you can stop at and pick up any flavor of cheese or cheese curds you could possibly imagine. You can even watch them make the cheese. If you have ever ate an awesome cheese curd or had some great Wisconsin cheese thank a farmer 🙂
  4. We have America’s largest water park!!!!! Oh yes Noah’s Ark is pretty awesome. In the biblical sense and the water park sense. Husband and I may or may not have went to Noah’s Ark by ourselves and ran around like little kids going on every single slide 😉 Plus there are tons of other attractions in Wisconsin Dells to go and see. Can you say outlet mall? Where else are you going to be able to ride around on Ducks?
  5. We experience all four seasons. Now, I know we are not the only state that does but we sure know how to enjoy each season. Let’s start with Winter. There is skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice fishing and the list goes on and on. Ah Spring finally the weather is warming up. I mean come on we have only been complaining about the cold weather since November. The possibilities seem endless until you look at your yard and have to clean up all of the junk the snow-plows have pushed into your yard. Then we get to Summer. There is camping, boating, fishing, hiking, swimming and so much more! Then there comes Fall or Autumn as I like to call it 😉 The leaves are changing and there are actually fall color reports that are given to us by our local news stations. On any given weekend you can find people driving around the state looking at leaves. With fall comes deer season which is pretty much a state holiday. We may complain about the weather a lot but we are entitled too. Only in Wisconsin can you experience 70 degrees one day and wake up to a blanket of snow the next day.

There are so many more reasons why we live in a pretty awesome state. But since we are experiencing two seasons today Winter and Spring I am off to get the grill ready before it snows or rains. Tell me why it’s awesome to live in your state or country? Or if you are a fellow Badger tell me what you love about Wisconsin ❤ Of course I will give you some time to take some headache medicine since I am sure we were all having a couple Leinie’s or New Glarus last night after the big W!!

2014-09-20 001 008
Ahh fall! So beautiful 🙂
2014-08-14 001 001
Beautiful Winter snow 🙂
Spring? Yep that’s Spring in Wisco 😉
Winter but the river is open. Things that make you go hmmmm.

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons why it’s awesome to live in Wisconsin

  1. Even if the Badgers winning last night didn’t prompt this post, congrats to the team and fans anyway! After Calipari’s comments last week suggesting that Notre Dame wasn’t a good team, that Kentucky just had an off game (which is statistically incorrect based on UK’s regular season), I was soooo hoping they wouldn’t make it to the finals.

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  2. Day Drinking!!! hahahaa!!! How about parades?? Driving cars in parades with a cooler full of beer and one in the cozie in your hand!! No- we aren’t big drinkers, we aren’t even big sports fans, but we still love Wisconsin!! You are absolutely right about the sports fans!! They are the best!! I always laugh when I hear others describe the size of their town by the amount of bars to catholic churches!! Wisconsinites are something else aren’t we!!

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    1. Oh parades!! I forgot about those. Of course it is perfectly acceptable to drink on the parade route in Wisconsin 😉 I also forgot about polka!! For some reason parades remind me of polka.

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  3. It’s funny. I think the winters are what keep people away from Wisconsin, and yet that PHOTO of the snow. Wow! Beautiful! Now I want to visit!! Oh, and it was so easy to get to your site today, through Gravatar. Thank you! 🙂

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    1. Yes, the snow is very beautiful and fun! So much to do during the Winter here. If you ever did come for a trip I could totally recommend places to go and things to see 🙂 I would have to say the light and fluffy stuff is the best for picture taking. The wet and heavy snow makes for great pictures too 🙂 The only problem with wet and heavy is it is hard to shovel lol. I am glad the Gravatar is working!


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