The food wars

Today I realized I am raising a scavenger. Another hard truth also surfaced; she is learning from the best… her mother. I never thought that I would ever hide food from a child until I had one.

I guess we can blame ourselves for some of this scavenger behavior. Avery is a very picky little girl so when she wanted something off of our plate we would give it to her so she would try new things. Of course like most things in parenting it backfired big time. Now everything of ours is fair game. She doesn’t even limit her scavenging to us she will take food out of anyone’s hands or off of their plate. I have had to explain to people that yes, we do feed her she just likes food better if it is on someone else’s plate.

The things I have said and done to be able to eat alone are pretty embarrassing. I am hoping I am not alone in the things I am about to tell you. I have snuck popsicles in my pocket and eaten them upstairs so I don’t have to share. I have eaten things that I really don’t like very much because I knew Avery didn’t like them. A couple of days ago I sliced myself up some summer sausage because in the past Avery refused to eat it so I thought I would be safe. Nope, she started stealing slices off of my plate and running away smiling and laughing like a mad woman. I am glad she ate some form of meat but what kid doesn’t like chicken nuggets but eats summer sausage. We once made Avery sit at the table and try a chicken nugget. She refused until we weren’t looking and she swiped two off of her brother’s plate. After that she is back to refusing. I have hidden food behind my back and the computer screen. One day I was caught eating by someone and they asked why I was in the closet eating. I replied “I don’t want to share this with Avery and you can’t make me!” Who is the toddler here?

It’s amazing to me how kids can hear a wrapper or the crinkling of a chip bag from miles away.  We have resorted to putting chips in a bowl even if she is napping. Trust me she will wake up for chips.The way Avery’s eyes light up when she sees a bag of chips is kinda scary. Now if only her eyes would light up when she saw a plate of meat and veggies we would really have it made. Avery loves most fruit so we are good there. Except grapes and those small orange things called “Cuties” By watching the commercial for “Cuties” I thought everyone loved them. Not my kid. She loves to lick them a little and then shove them in my mouth. Same with grapes. Except the grapes get dangerous because once she is done shoving grapes in her mother’s mouth she tries to put the vine in there. It is a little alarming to have a grape-vine coming at your eyes and mouth at warp speed. (You know I have that thing where I hate things by my eyes) It’s funny and cute when your toddler is “feeding” you until you have an eye patch

Am I the only parent hiding food from children? I really hope not. If Avery is the only scavenger in the world we are in trouble. If you are hiding from your children in closets eating let me know. If you eat openly in front of your children I suggest you come over to the dark side. It is so nice to be able to eat a whole snack alone.

Percy edited
The first beggar. Maybe he taught her…..
Avery edited
See how she is smiling?

13 thoughts on “The food wars

  1. We are also raising a scavenger. She won’t eat off her plate, but will eat from the hands of strangers at the park. True story. If we had somewhere for me to hide and eat popsicles, I would do that too. You aren’t alone 🙂

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    1. Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone 🙂 Avery went and sat with a couple at a restaurant and wanted some of their cookies. She refused to eat her own meal but she was comfortable sitting with complete strangers….

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  2. Haha, you are not alone. LM is 7, and if he happens to get a treat or meal that is in anyway different from what I got (even if it’s what he specifically asked for), he’s eyeballing me, wanting to know if I’m gonna share.

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  3. You are not alone! I have to wait not only until nap time…but until we are in a deep sleep of nap time before I can even enjoy a lunch or quick snack. Although I must suggest to not blame yourself for this habit, both my step son did it and now my daughter, and I am never one to share off of my own plate. How does the Toddler Rules go? “What’s your’s is mine, what’s theirs’ is mine, what’s mine is mine”?

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  4. lol now see I would give anything to have my kids eat off my plate! They are so ridiculously picky that I think they are allergic to anything healthy! at least they think they are that is!

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    1. I thought that way too April until it started happening. Actually the other night husband made himself a pizza and since Avery always begs for sausage he picked some off and put it into a bowl for her. She wouldn’t have anything to do with her bowl she wanted the sausage off of his pizza. OMG!

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  5. Hiding in the closet? Really? LOL. Sorry, that’s funny.:D It’s kind of nice to see kids being able to eat anything and everything (with some limit to that, of course). I like seeing kids eat…such a nice sight, and definitely better than a picky eater. I hide chocolates from my kids..the recent ones being cadbury eggs. I prefer that for myself. ;p

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