I cannot even believe I am saying this; but this ladies and gents is my 100th blog post!! Cue streamers and balloons. I really never thought I would make it to 100. I also never thought I would write 100 posts in five short months of blogging. I have learned so much since those early days of blogging. There is much more to learn and hopefully there will be some new and exciting things happening soon 😉 I wish I could say that I have a cool giveaway or something but wait; maybe I do. To the 50th person that reads this post they get; wait for it…. a brand new car!! Come on down for nothing. Because I have nothing. Sorry guys I am not cool enough for giveaways yet. Maybe in the near future. Check back at 120 or 130 to see what I have in store.

All kidding aside I want to thank all of you for reading, sharing and commenting on my blog posts, Facebook page, following me on Pinterest and even the Twitter. Can you believe I have 76 followers on the Twitter? For someone who still doesn’t know what the what they are doing I consider 76 to be a great number! I also gained another follower on Tumblr which brings me up to four!! I will give you a little stats knowledge about my blog. Since September I have had 3,471 views of my blog. My best day ever in the words of Rapunzel was 185 views!! There are tons of other stats that may bore you all a little (but are exciting to me) so I will spare you the short snooze and move on.

Before I exit I again want to thank you all for reading about our adventure we call life. As we are learning the ropes of our new “normal” I thank you all for coming along for the ride. I do have some exciting things to share in the upcoming days, weeks and months so stay tuned!! Of course I have some great posts on the back burner so check back for those guys too 🙂 Now that I am back up to full strength computer wise thanks to computer guy I can start accomplishing some goals that I have been working on so watch out world! Not to sound too sappy but this blog really was a wonderful dream of mine and all of you are helping to make that dream come true so I really can’t thank you all enough!!



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