One Lovely Blog Award

You guessed it I received another award!! Crazy to think that a short time ago I had never received an award in my whole 32 years and now I have two under my belt 🙂 Again no lovely dress or speech prepared so I will give you what I got. Oh and I am living on a few precious hours of sleep after being up all night with a sick Avery. I wonder if celebrities have boogers on their outfits when they are accepting awards? Probably not but since I don’t have a glam squad you may find a booger or two. Super excited for my second award and I really love the name too 🙂

I was nominated by Did You Dress Up For This? I would like to thank her so much for the award 🙂 I just got to know her and she has one awesome blog so stop over and check her out! Of course there are some rules that go along with this award and I am happy to oblige. The first being I have to tell you seven facts/things about me. I know there are some more burning questions everyone has for me that need to be answered so here goes:

  1. I am Ukrainian. Well, half Ukrainian my dad/personal trainer is 100% and my Grandparents both traveled to the United States from the Ukraine.
  2. I have never had my ears pierced.
  3. If I was a boy my name was to be Sal after a baseball player. (So glad I was a girl) When I think of the name Sal I think of a weird guy driving around in a van with a newsboy cap on.
  4. I am an only child. Sometimes it’s a good thing but it can be lonely.
  5. I hate birds. Sorry bird lovers but they creep me the heck out. Maybe that is where my love of cats comes from?
  6. I love pens! I have tons and tons of them. I really don’t discriminate and I switch them out from my purse so the others don’t get their feelings hurt or think I have a favorite.
  7. I had never rode on an airplane until I was 26 years old. I went on a trip with two of my friends to San Diego 🙂 It was a great trip from what I can remember 😉

Now I am to nominate 15 other blogs for this award. A difficult task since I am so new to blogging; but I am willing to give it a go. I think I am supposed to nominate fairly new blogs but since I am still getting to know people I am going to throw in some others too 🙂  I will list these in no particular order of awesomeness 🙂

  1. From Diapers and Tutus to Meetings and Boardrooms
  2. The Joy of Cooking (for little assholes)
  3. We’re Only Hsuman
  4. Tiny Expats
  5. My Mama Journey
  6. My Real Life Moments
  7. Queen of the land of twigs and berries
  8. arwenaragornstar

I know there are only eight blogs but I am living on the edge tonight and like I mentioned before I am new to blogging and still getting to know people 🙂 If you have the time stop and check these blogs out! I promise you will not be disappointed 🙂 Thanks again for the award and to everyone for reading!! Maybe I should really think about getting that dress….


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