Love is

Over the years my definition of love had definitely changed. You grow older and your life changes; sometimes drastically. With Valentines day upon us I would like to share some definitions of what love is to me now.

  • Love is watching husband and step-son put together Avery’s stroller for her babies 🙂
  • Love is having husband home and not having to work on a Saturday ❤
  • Love is being able to go and get my hair did today and have a little me time 😀
  • Love is getting up early and watching Calling Dr. Pol with my fave kitty 🙂
  • Love is ordering in and eating supper together as a family ❤
  • Love is hanging out and laughing after supper and maybe getting a little binge watching in 😀
  • Love is having Avery come in our room last night holding her favorite teddy bear 🙂

What is your definition of love? Has it changed over the years? Mine sure has and for the better. Yes, it is nice to get out of the house and spend time alone together but everything just seems more complete when we are all together as a family. To me love is many things ❤


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