Back at the gym

Today I went back to the bad gym; the first gym I went to in my weight loss journey. Remember the one where people were staring and the lady yelled at me? Yeah that one. I will call it first gym. I really wanted to get out of the house and take Avery swimming since I am now the proud owner of a swimsuit. Since this gym offers daycare (which I still think is a little pricey but I digress) it was our only choice.

We left early so we could get there in time to workout before the daycare center closed. It is only open until 11:00 and we live 40 minutes away. I picked personal trainer up and we were off. He asked if I minded going to Target after the gym. “Mind?” ” Oh silly personal trainer; that was part of my plan the whole time.”  When we pulled into the parking lot it was full. Again. At least there wasn’t a bus this time. The nerves started and I felt like I needed a Sprite to calm me down. Once we got in I noticed that most everyone was over 65. Yes! My favorite people to workout with; they don’t judge and they actually talk to you! My Sprite need went down a couple of levels and I headed into the locker room to change.

We started out on some machines and I actually didn’t break anything. My practicing at second gym is paying off!! After some machine work I jumped on the elliptical. I picked the one where you can see inside of the daycare center. As I was staring off into space I noticed a child trying to climb the plastic fence in the daycare center. After thinking “Who’s kid is that?” I realized it was mine. Crap. It was time to go swimming anyway. By the time I got into the daycare center she moved her reign of terror to the jungle gym/slide. There she was sliding head first down the slide and laughing. Not sure where she gets this craziness from but it was time to let some out in the pool.

After a power struggle in the locker room we emerged into the pool. They have a smaller pool for kids and life jackets. I put Avery in her life jacket and we got in. At first she clung to me like no tomorrow but about five minutes later she thought she could go it alone. Well that wasn’t happening since she is only two and this was her first time in a pool other than a kiddie pool. So we walked around the pool for about 30 minutes. She would kick her little legs and move her arms. She loved every minute of it. So glad I finally broke down and got the swimsuit. We had a blast!

I will probably go back to first gym again but second gym will always be my fave. I am glad I went back so we could go swimming and it was a way better experience this time.