Dear Pinterest: We need to talk

I want to start this out by saying I have always loved you Pinterest. From the moment I logged in I knew it was meant to be. From the recipes to the crafts I was hooked on you. Countless home decor ideas and gardening tips have been pinned to beautiful boards. There is just something that has been on my mind lately and I need to talk to you about it. I pin cute toddler crafts to my craft board. When I try to execute them they don’t look the same as the pictures. It leaves me with a lot of questions. “Are the parents doing the handprints?” “Were the toddlers even in the room when these crafts were done?” “Are these superhuman toddlers that were made in a factory in the desert?” “Maybe it’s just my kid?” Those are just some simple questions that I would like answered so we can continue our relationship.

I was going to title this post “My Love Hate Relationship With Pinterest” But I couldn’t do that because I don’t hate you Pinterest. I love you Pinterest. I get that tingly feeling in my stomach when I log on. You know the one where you know you are in love. Then I start pinning. Oh the pinning! I find cute things to send to my fellow pinners and you also let me send a message with them. (I love that!) I have made many recipes and actually purchased some things I found on Pinterest. I even have a board for my blog. There is wonderful information right at my fingertips and you are always willing to share it.

But why do I feel like you are lying to me? One time you emailed me and you told me I was a “special” pinner and you wanted me to take a survey. I felt so loved; so needed. Then I went to the grocery store and I found out that you sent the same email to a gal that works there. My heart was crushed. Needless to say I did not fill out your survey. I gave you another chance. Now the craft debacle. I want to know and I feel I deserve to know. “Are these children sitting in a chair, sipping lemonade and letting their parents paint their hands?” “Do these children even know they did these crafts?” “How many special pinners do you have?” “Will you still be with me if I pin my handiwork?” I love you Pinterest but I am not sure I can take the lies.

Your Friend Always,


Would you let me pin this? Would you?