I seem to have lost my toddler instruction manual

When I was pregnant with both of my kids I read What to Expect When You Are Expecting religiously. I would get super excited when I came to a new week of my pregnancy and I could find out the new things that were happening with my baby. I just figured that the next books in the series would tell me everything I needed to know about my infant and toddler. It wasn’t so with Avery. Of course she had to be way different then the books and internet would tell me. I just figured since my pregnancy book was so accurate and great that the rest of the info on babies would be wonderful too. They very well could be for other kids just not mine.

Avery has always been a little stubborn and would like it if everyone catered to her and followed her rules. I have a couple of examples of this behavior:

  1. Tonight Avery decided she no longer liked strawberry oatmeal. Even though she ate it yesterday; I had to chase her around the table to get her to taste it. So she took a bath and is now eating her strawberry oatmeal. O.M.G.
  2. Today Avery sat on the toilet and screamed like we were killing her and refused to go. After we finally gave in and took her off the toilet husband went in the bathroom. Avery cried and kept opening the door because she wanted to sit on the toilet. Seriously?
  3. Avery boycotted juice for two months. She used to love the stuff and I would give her a cup every other day or so. then one day for no particular reason she wouldn’t drink it. Last week I picked up some juice that came in a container with Hello Kitty on top. She now drinks juice.
  4. I have a collection of her toys that she has not touched for months and today I decided to get rid of them. She has been playing with them since. This girl…..
  5. For some reason Avery is obsessed with having her feet rubbed. Some nights she will not fall asleep until each foot gets a rub.

When we were in the bath I kept thinking “What in the what am I going to do; I think I have to feed her by law?” I really didn’t want to make her a different flavor oatmeal because I didn’t want to give in. (Still not sure where this stubbornness comes from) I was wishing there was something to reference so I would know what to do with this child.  Maybe a magical book or user manual perhaps. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had a factory reset button? I would reset Avery back to the days where she would eat everything I put in front of her. (Except for peas but I can’t really blame the girl on that one.) Now her diet consists of oatmeal, yogurt, crackers, Chex and the occasional piece of meat. Or whatever I am eating because mommas plate is always better.

I am hoping this is the terrible twos everyone talks about. Maybe three is better; one can only hope. I know what people are thinking; your kid is running your life. Yes, I know people and when I find that reset button or instruction manual we will get back on track. Until then it’s Avery’s world we are just living in it.


Back when she ate and a little Percy tail 😉
Of course she likes chips 🙂 Percy is a little jelly….