A day at the gym: Part Deux

Today was judgment day; it was gym day. It was wonderful. Yes, I said it the gym was awesome.

The day started out by me actually being ready on time and personal trainer was late. I am awful at being ready on time or anywhere near the time I am supposed to be ready. I was so proud of myself. It only took 32 years but I did it! Anyway, back to gym stuff. We pulled into the parking lot and there was a minimal amount of vehicles there. A big check on my list complete 🙂 We walked in, paid and then it was time to change. I guess I kind of forgot about the short factor when I was prepping for the gym. It has been a while since I have shaved my legs and apparently it has been a while since I put lotion on them. So I ended up being the kind of hairy dry leg girl. I entered the locker room and to my surprise I was met by a naked woman who is very comfortable with her body. I immediately looked down and she started waving and saying hi. Very pleasant person I just wasn’t ready for that level of nudity at 7:45 a.m. (I have never been comfortable with locker rooms because I don’t enjoy being nude in front of a group of people.)

As we walked into the gym I noticed there was only one person there. Another check on the list. This day just kept getting better and better. We decided to go on the elliptical first for a warm-up. There were four elliptical’s. Of course I ended up with the one next to the only person there. As I was setting my playlist I realized something; he was sweating and wearing an outfit similar to mine. When I thought it couldn’t get any better he pulled out a Kleenex and blew his nose. Perfect! Someone else with allergies/sinus issues. If he would have had a shirt on explaining his ailments I would have had to ask him if he reads my blog or if this was a set-up by personal trainer. The only negative about the elliptical was the channel the TV was on. It was some show about sick animals. Not what you want to see at the gym. I would have preferred a show about fluffy kittens or something but since the TV was about the only negative at the gym I’ll take it.

After the elliptical it was on to the machines. The first one personal trainer wanted me to try looked very scary and hard. You have to lay down and then push your legs off. He said it was the equivalent of doing squats. Since I never turn down a nap possibility I tried it. I figured if the squat thing didn’t pan out I could catch a quick snooze. The first rep was a little sketchy but the rest went smoothly and I ended up doing quite a few.  The rest of the machines went great for me as well!!

More people began flooding in. My nerves were getting a little higher on the nerve scale until I realized all of them were 65 years of age or older. Definitely more of my speed than those 20 year olds in sports bras. I even chatted with one of them while I was waiting for personal trainer to get changed.

Hands down this day went 100% better than I could have ever imagined. I was even going to try the sauna but I didn’t have a swimsuit. Shopping for a swimsuit makes me want to vomit so we will see about that one. Usually the sauna makes me feel like I am boiling on a stove top and I am going to pass out. I am going to try the sauna one more time though. If I had to rate this gym it would be a 9.5. The only reason it wasn’t a 10 is because of the sad animal show and there were a lot of mirrors in the workout room.

On the way home we stopped to take some pics of an ice jam that I will share with you. Enjoy!

IMG_20150110_104706 IMG_20150110_104737 IMG_20150110_104924