It’s really cold. Let’s go snowshoeing!

Even though it is pretty cold out I had the bright idea to go snowshoeing today. When I say cold I mean it was -40 degrees below yesterday with the wind chill. Today is better. It was 3 degrees when we left and 4 degrees when we came back. So pretty much a heat wave 😉  Since I haven’t purchased a lot of new clothes in the past three years or so I had to scrape some cold weather gear together. I started collecting things a couple of days ago. The first thing on my list was long johns. I don’t own any that fit. So I had the bright idea to borrow husband’s. The first pair I tried on was a no go. That followed with a small freak out from me when asked if they fit. So I waited until this morning to try on the next pair. They fit! Well, kind of but enough to wear underneath my pants in the wilderness. I also found a facemask that I thought was mine. Turns out it is personal trainers. He said he lost his; I guess I found it 😉 I scraped together some other miscellaneous cold weather gear of my own and we were off.

The snowshoeing went well except for the cold. Now this is the first time I have went were there is an alright amount of snow. After 30 minutes into it or so my thigh started to ache. Well you know me immediately I though tumor. I must have gotten a tumor in the middle of the night and now it is presenting itself. I kept it quiet for a little bit until finally I had to say something. Personal trainer informed me it was from snowshoeing. Phew! I know it sounds silly but that it is the first thing that comes to mind when I get a new pain or something. Anyway it was a beautiful day in the woods and the snow made it even better. Today was supposed to be gym day but we did a snowshoeing day instead. I know you are probably thinking I am trying to avoid the scary gym. I kind of am but the outdoors is way better than any old gym. We did reschedule for Saturday morning.

After hypothermia set in we decided to head home. Just kidding it wasn’t any where near that but it was still pretty cold. We logged a good 45 minutes in; which I think is pretty good on a day where the high is around 4 degrees. Of course I took some snapshots of our frozen journey. Enjoy!

Snowshoeing in Wisco
See that white stuff by my face? Yeah that is my frozen hair
River is brown. Not sure why?

IMG_20150108_110922 IMG_20150108_105406