I don’t always need to be mama bear

I have a problem. My problem is I am way too overprotective of my kids. I am that mama bear just waiting for someone to strike. It doesn’t matter who it is I always feel the need to defend my kids. Even to my own husband. Not that he picks on them or is mean at all but even when his scolding is justified I still usually give an eye roll at least. It needs to stop. It’s not fair for the people who truly care. Even though my son is in heaven I still feel the need to be a protective mama to him.

I am starting to come to terms with my protectiveness and I realize I need to let it go. (A little bit) The incident that pushed me over the edge was when I heard my husband and daughter after bath tonight. At first I thought he was scolding her for something. All I could hear was him talking loudly and I was about ready to go upstairs and see what was up. I turned the TV down and then I heard it. They were singing. All I could think was what a fool I am. How upset would my husband have been if I went running up the stairs to break up signing. I couldn’t have blamed him if he would have been upset.

It got me thinking about the events that could or most likely will happen in my daughter’s life that will make me want to pounce on someone who does her wrong. But unfortunately I will probably have to back off. I know she has to learn how to deal with what life throws at her and that won’t happen if I am constantly stepping in. I know it is going to be extremely hard. I am sure there will be some situations that I will step in. I can’t help it; but I will try my hardest to stand back. I have always been ready to pounce if someone hurts someone I love. I think I was just born that way. Sometimes it may be warranted but other times maybe not so much.

Even though I will always be there for her when she needs me I also need to learn how to stand on the sidelines. There are times when I will need to pounce but there will be other times that I need to stand back. (Maybe growl but no pouncing) It will be hard, maybe for both of us but I at least have to try. I guess this mama bear needs to hibernate. (A little bit)



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