One more minute

Wherever you are in your fitness journey I hope this can give you some motivation

One more minute is all it takes

One more minute leads to another minute tomorrow

One more minute makes you stronger

One more minute makes the next workout easier

One more minute increases stamina

One more minute makes you feel better

One more minute is worth it

Even when you want to give up; go one more minute. The results can be more than you imagined if you add one more minute everyday.

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Training for the gym?

Due to wind chills and not being able to go outside I have agreed to try the gym again. This time we will be attending a new gym and I am hoping this gym will be filled with nice people wearing regular clothes. Even though I am very grateful for personal trainer’s equipment I need to change it up a little. I had to force myself to go over there today and workout so I know I need a change of scenery.

Since I know a gym is looming in my future I have been trying to step it up a little so I am ready for the gym. I am not sure why I am admitting this but I have actually been looking up machines online so I will have knowledge of how they work. I just do not want another embarrassing situation. I have also been trying to push myself on the elliptical at personal trainers. Side note on that I was really thinking I was being lazy because every time I got on the dang elliptical my regular routine seemed very hard. After a couple of days or maybe even a week of this personal trainer admitted that he amped up the elliptical to make it harder. Well played personal trainer, well-played. Anyway I am trying to learn more about gym equipment and I am trying different programs on the elliptical so I will be ready for anything on the more high-tech gym kind. I am also giving myself little pep talks. “This time will be different” “You got this” Not really helping but whatever.

Will I have more powder on than the other people at the gym? Probably. Will I be wearing a sports bra? Heck no! Will I be sweating more than everyone else? The answer is yes. I am ready to tackle this gym thing again. I have my powder, deodorant and regular bra ready to go. The only thing missing is a pair of blinders. You know the ones horses wear. Than I wouldn’t be able to see anyone looking at me and my baggy gym clothes. Wish me luck; I have two more days until gym day.

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