Sunday, Sunday

I don’t know why but I have always had the Sunday blues. When I was in school it was because homework had to be done and I was gearing up for a new week. Then it was work and making sure housework was done. Even though I stay at home for now I still get the Sunday jitters. I always tell myself that I am not going to save everything for Sunday and I always do. Today it was laundry, dishes, vacuuming and cleaning Percy’s litter box. It seems like as hard as I try I always have tons of stuff to do on Sunday and it waits until Sunday night.  Instead of enjoying a nice supper I am running around making sure the clothes are washed and the house is tidy. I can only blame myself and the dang maroon carpet in the living room. (I have a huge list for the tax fairy this year; carpet included) It seems like I always get cranky too. I think it’s mostly because I am upset with myself for saving everything for Sunday again. Then the crank comes out on other people and then we have a situation.

Every Sunday I tell myself that I need to change. Well this Sunday for some reason put me over the edge. My plan of action for next Sunday is to get that laundry done in the morning and get supper in the crock-pot so then I only have to clean it up at night. As for the litter box it has to be done on Sunday since garbage goes out on Monday. (Not sure I am supposed to be putting my litter in the garbage?) Do you ever get anxious or cranky on Sunday? Or maybe you are a lucky and organized and Sunday is a walk in the park. If you are one of those people you must share your secret so I can copy you 😉

This is what Sunday should be all about 🙂