I need my purse!!!!

Today marked the end of the shopping season for me; stepson’s Birthday is next week and we hadn’t gotten him anything so one of us had to go. Well that is until I had the bright idea that we should go together. We don’t shop well together and it slips my mind since we don’t do it often. Once we got in the car it all came flooding back. I thought it would be nice to get a babysitter since we hadn’t had one since October and that was only for a couple of hours. So I called bestie and asked if her step-daughter was available. She was not; but besite offered to do the job. We promptly delivered Avery before she could change her mind.

Husband had informed me that he knew what he wanted to get step-son so I figured it would be an easy day. I always feel bad since his Birthday is right after Christmas so I thought I would pick up a couple smaller items to go with his big gift. Since we live in a smaller town we had to travel 40 minutes to get the gifts. If you live in a smaller town you probably think the same way that I do; that is you might as well get the things that you use/need that you can’t get in the town you live in. I really didn’t think that stopping at Target and Younkers would be that tall of an order but I was wrong. For some reason every time I go shopping it seems like I see these couples that are having a wonderful time shopping together. You know them; the ones that are picking out clothes for their kids and holding them up going “That’s so cute!” “Let’s get that one!!” Yeah that’s not us. If it’s dinner and a movie we do good. Throw in a pit-stop at Target or a mall it’s over. Don’t even mention Wal-Mart. We both don’t handle Wal-Mart very well. Anyway, we had an alright lunch and then headed to Younkers. I like to stop there and comb the clearance racks and if I do my algebra homework correctly I can use one of their coupons. (I’ll explain later in another post) I figured I could pick up some stuff for step-son and we had Avery’s boyfriend to shop for cause his party is on Saturday. Younkers was okay until I wanted to look at a purse. If you know me you know I love a good purse; especially when they are on sale. I guess purse hunting wasn’t on the agenda today or so I figured from some looks I received. So off to Target we went. Today was especially exciting for me because on my Cartwheel app sat an offer for an additional 15% off of clearance baby and toddler clothes. Since one of my best friends is having a sweet bundle soon and Avery can always use clothes the hunt was on! I really did end up with some screamin’ deals! Anyway after my exciting clothes hunting it was on to wipes, diapers and stuff like that. I was still on my savings high when I ran into husband. He had decided to go and get some things he needed and I must have not been paying attention because all of a sudden he was gone. With my cart and purse. You want to put the fear of God into a woman take her purse and cart full of clearance stuff. At first I was thinking I had heartburn from the French Onion Soup but soon I figured out I was having a panic attack. My purse is my life and I never realized it until it was taken from me. All my coupons, iPod, phone and countless other things that I think I need. I was running around like a mad woman looking for husband. In what felt like hours I spotted him cruising along. I ran up to the cart almost taking out two ladies on my way. I am sure they understood when they heard our conversation. I don’t remember the exact words but I think it went a little something like this “You took the cart?!” “What were you thinking?” “My purse is in here!!”  Husband looked at me like I was a nutball. Usually when we do any shopping together I am more than happy do excuse him to his own deeds so I can browse and enjoy my day. I am sure he was very surprised and confused that I was upset.

What I took away from today is that if your husband says that he will go to the store and purchase something by himself smile and wave goodbye. My purse and it’s contents mean to much to me to risk their lives. Yes, my purses are people and they have their own place in my closet hanging next to my clothes. Don’t judge; I have meticulously picked out each beautiful purse and they all have a special place in my heart and closet. To the two ladies at Target I sincerely apologize but I am sure you would have had the same reaction. To the awesome people that read this let me know. Are you part of a couple that shops well together or should one of you just stay home?

There she is safe and sound 🙂 Yes, my purses are girls. Aren’t yours?

9 thoughts on “I need my purse!!!!

  1. Josh and I have always done the shopping together, but…….I so wish I could go alone sometimes! I would save so much money without him and the boys along. I guess I should be grateful that he likes to spend time with me but well sometime I am not.


    1. I agree it is nice to spend time together but I would rather go it alone. You are so right about the saving money part. They just grab stuff without thinking. Like stuff I could get way cheaper at Family Dollar.


  2. Hmmm. I’m not sure. Sometimes we do well, and sometimes we don’t. But then I never have coupons and if we are shipping together it is a date night. No way am I getting 4 small children ready to go to the store, so I usually shop alone. Sounds like you got some good deals!


  3. I don’t blame you for going alone. I guess I am a browser and my husband is more of a get it and go kinda guy so we clash. I did get some great deals so it was worth it 🙂 Thanks for reading!!


  4. Lol I could have written this post! We do not shop well together at all! I usually want to get in and get out and he is like a big kid so he has to stop and look at EVERYTHING! IT IS Super annoying, not to mention he can’t mae a decision ever on what to buy!


    1. I thought we were one of the few that didn’t shop well together but maybe not lol. I was always a little jelly of the couples I see in the grocery store together or at the mall but I think I just have to accept we are better at other things like watching t.v.


      1. Lol no it is not a good thing for us either and thought there was something wrong with us for not being able to shop together! Glad to see we are in good company 😉

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  5. cute..we do not shop well with one basket, he takes one and I take one and we meet at the register. Men do not have patients to wait for women to pick out something, and I’d rather not have someone waiting for me saying ” are you done yet” Hope Logan got what you wanted to get him..lol

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    1. We did end up with some presents but we will find out tomorrow if he likes them 🙂 We were going to have him open them tonight but he has some friends over so we are going to wait until tomorrow


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