No Nap: Day 2

Not to brag or anything but Avery is usually a great napper. I know what happens when I get to braggin’ about my kid; karma swoops in and shows me whose boss. It happened again folks. We are on day 2 of a napping hiatus and it has me very worried. I can honestly count on both hands the times she hasn’t taken a nap. See sometimes I may take a nap I mean do housework when Avery is napping. I am not prepared for these days to end.

It all started yesterday when we had Christmas on husband’s side of the family. By the time we left to go home it was probably 3:30. Since we have been living in a fog (literally) since Thursday it took longer than usual to get home. A fifteen minute drive stretched into about a half hour. Of course Avery fell asleep in the car which I really didn’t want her to because it was getting a little to late for a nap. When we got home she was up and not happy about it. But I made her stay up until bedtime because the consequences of a late nap are worse than no nap at all. Since I knew I wasn’t going to be napping I mean getting work done I figured she might as well be up. I actually did and still do have a lot of housework to do because I have been on some sort of strike lately.

Today I decided that when Avery was napping I was going to tackle the majority of my housework. Well she decided it for me because there was no way she was going to let me clean. So I pushed my lunch back so I could get her down early with enough time to eat, clean and maybe blog a little. Even though today is perfect napping weather. It is so dreary and has been for days. Up to bed we went except my plan failed miserably. She refused to nap. Ugh! I swear she knows when I have plans to do something!

I never thought that Avery not napping could strike so much fear with me. I guess I got really used to our afternoon naps I mean “quiet” time. If there was a game show called Best Napper we would definitely be coming home with a lifetime supply of something. Especially Avery. The girl is not good at sleeping at night but if it’s after noon give that girl a pillow cause she’s going down. So now I sit at the computer jealous of my cat because he is curled up sleeping in my bed while I get to listen to the ABC Song on Avery’s new school bus magnet for the 100th time since yesterday. I did treat myself to a Sprite so that helps. I have to wonder “Am I the only parent that depends on their kid or kids napping everyday?” I really thought this nap thing would carry out for at least another year or so. Avery was a little over a year old when she quit napping twice a day. Now that was the cat’s meow let me tell ya. One nap for chores then another nap for relaxation; I mean more chores.

How old were you’re kids when they stopped napping? Did it ruin your life? Feel free to comment because I need to know if my napping days are over so I can appropriately mourn them 🙂

2014-08-03 001 002
This is obviously not from today but I do remember it was a no-nap kinda day.