Walkin’ in a not so winter wonderland

If you are from Wisconsin or anywhere in the Midwest you know that we usually have quite a bit of snow by this time of the year. Not this year. We are actually due for some rain this weekend and highs in the 40’s.(Of course the first year of being a snowshoe owner we have above normal temps) Since the weather is not so frightful it brings some opportunity. Personal trainer said he had went in my beloved arboretum for a hike with no snowshoes and it was really nice. (I am already sick of watching the minutes tick by on the elliptical.) So I suggested we go together tonight.

At 4:15 we were off. We didn’t have too much daylight left but since there is some snow left it did provide some light for us and we were able to hike for 45 minutes! I am not sure what is harder hiking with shoes on in the snow or snowshoes. Probably shoes. Anyway it was a good workout and would have been better if I had brought Kleenex. (Don’t worry I won’t give any of the details of my Kleenex problem so you can keep reading.) It ended with no ER visit or bruises so I am going to call it a good day 😉

I gained some knowledge in the arboretum tonight. Probably obvious knowledge to the regular person but new to me. Or maybe I should just call it a revelation? Anyway, I realized that since there is snow on the ground I can now see tracks of animals and people. So now I will know if there are cougars, mice, bobcats or psycho killers following me. I assume that psycho killers wear boots so if I see boot tracks I will know to exit. (Unless it’s the Amish kids again; they wear boots too) If you did not realize this fact consider yourself dropped with my knowledge.

If you have the opportunity to get out on a nice day during the winter I totally recommend it.

2014-12-10 001 006
2014-12-10 001 007
Kinda frozen river

I wished for you

Every negative test I wished for you

Every procedure I wished for you

Every month I wished for you

Whenever I started to give up hope I wished for you

I wished for you on every star

Now that my wish came true I still wish for you

I wish for you to be happy

I wish for you to love and be loved

I wish for you to have patience and understanding

I wish for you to enjoy life

I wish for you to be silly and have fun

I wish for you to know how much I love you