A day at the gym and a theft

As you all know I have been on the workout train for over a year now with what I think are some good results. I have a small secret. Today is the first time I have went to an actual gym. (gasp) I usually do something outside or go to personal trainers house for my workouts but since winter is getting to me and I realized it had been a very long time since I had left my house to do anything besides run to the grocery store; I seized the opportunity to go to the gym. Personal trainer had brought up going to the gym a while ago for something new and then I found out they had a toddler area. Perfect than we can take turns working out and Avery will get some socializing. Well the only bad part about this is that I hate the gym. I have gym anxiety? Not sure if that is a thing. I just get so self-conscious going to the gym and working out in front of people. I have never been athletic and the gym is always chock full of people perfectly toned and extremely knowledgeable about the gym equipment. I am neither. I always feel like I am the one panting on the machines and everyone else is just whoppin’ it up having a great time while I am in a pool of sweat. Don’t even get me started on the machines. I am mechanically challenged? Again not sure if that is a thing. You can ask me to type anything for you and I can do it. If you ask me to adjust a piece of workout equipment I will freeze and maybe run away. Last but not least going to the gym makes me feel like I am in gym class and I hated gym class. Everyone staring at everyone else and I never had adequate gym clothes. Maybe it was the lingering sinus infection/flu or the fact I felt my walls in my house closing in on me but I came up with the idea to go to the gym.

This morning started for us at about 4:30 a.m. with Avery crawling over me to get into our bed. She was ready to party to we ended up getting up shortly after she came in. After our morning doings I got our gym bag packed, my best workout outfit and we were off. On the ride over I contemplated on how to break it to personal trainer that I needed to stop at Target for diapers. (Potty training is going so-so; 4 stars) Lucky me he asked if I needed anything and that he would be okay if we left him at the gym to go run errands. Yes! So far so good.

We pull into the parking lot and there is a bus. What the what? This whole time I had been hyping myself up thinking “It’s Thursday, there probably won’t be a lot of people here.” But a bus? Did they bus in high school bullies to laugh at me? Ugh! I reluctantly went inside. Once inside we learned that not only do they have a toddler area but you can leave your kids in there for one hour and someone else will watch them. Awesome! Of course it came at a cost; $4.00 to be exact. I am thinking about opening an alternate gym daycare across the road and charge $3.00 an hour. Maybe I am delusional but $4.00 an hour for a gym daycare seems a little pricey. I was thinking for $4.00 they could have at least given her a bath or something šŸ˜‰

On to the gym. Personal trainer had a machine all picked out for me. It looked really scary. You put your knees on this platform and put your hands up on these lever thingy’sĀ  and then you drop yourself down. I watched him for a little bit and it actually looked pretty easy. Thank gosh something looks easy maybe the gym had changed. So I get on the machine and I just drop down without trying and there is a loud bang. Crap. This machine looks like it will set me back a couple G’s. It didn’t appear to be broken but I did have the attention of everyone that didn’t have ear buds in. We quickly moved on. I found the nearest elliptical and go on. Personal trainer has an elliptical so I figured I could figure out a gym model. It went good but of course I felt like I was the only one panting and sweating through their shirt. I think everyone that goes to the gym should wear shirts that explain their situation a little. My shirt today would have went a little something like this: Recent sinus infection, lack of sleep due to toddler. Then maybe everyone would understand each other a little better. After the elliptical I had a little time to spare so I found myself an ab machine. I read the directions a little and hopped on. I guess I was doing something wrong because a gym employee was standing in front of me after my second crunch. I have blocked out most of what she said because she was very rude; but I guess the weights were “banging” and she told me that I needed to stop before I drove myself and everyone else crazy.Ā  This is why I workout in the privacy of a home or forest. I was going to figure out what I was doing wrong before this woman came out of nowhere. Then she stood by the machine and kept counting every motion I did during a crunch. After she finally got it that I was not happy with her she walked away and I pretty much ran to the locker room and it was off to Target.

Ahh Target my happiest of places. I am not sure how every time I go there I end up spending ridiculous amounts of money when I only planned on getting a “few” things. Anyway, half-way through our trip Avery let me know she was sick of riding in the cart. I found a little doll that she loved and it was only $3.00. I thought win-win I can keep her quiet while I browse and I can throw it in her stocking for Christmas. After check-out and realizing I saved $10 with my Cartwheel app today (score!) I was in a great mood and the thoughts of mean trainer lady were a distant memory. Then I went to put the cart away after I loaded the purchases. I looked down and saw a little baby sitting next to my daughter. Crap I totally forgot about her and she wasn’t on my receipt. Avery’s first theft; mark it in the baby book šŸ˜‰ We did the right thing and returned her. The ladies at the service counter got a good laugh and then we were off to pick up personal trainer.

The two most important things I have taken away from this experience is #1 I am not meant for the gym #2 Don’t give your child toys to “play” with in the store. Bad practice to get into. Personal trainer mentioned another gym that we can go to that is smaller. I will think about it. Another outing in the books.

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Gym items and target merchandise šŸ˜€