I still love you

In the middle of the night when you wake me I still love you

In the morning when you won’t get dressed I still love you

When you won’t eat supper I still love you

When you get in trouble I still love you

If you are mad at me I still love you

If I get frustrated I still love you

If you don’t understand something the first or second time I still love you

If I am tired I still love you

Even when I am busy I still love you

Whatever it is good or bad I will still love you. We are all human and make mistakes. We fall down, we get back up. Life has up and downs but together we will be okay. I always want you to know I still love you.


What if?

What if every insurance covered all prescriptions, procedures and tests?

What if medical bills weren’t so overwhelming?

What if people could afford that one drug that buys them time; time to see their child get married or meet their new grandchild?

What if new research produces a cure?

What if insurance companies rates weren’t so high so people could afford them?

What if the new plan the Doctor comes up with works and you are cured?

What if we all had a little faith and hope?

What if we all believed in our selves and others?

What if?

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