Am I getting older or younger?

Lately I have been noticing that I seem a little older. I know I am but my actions, thoughts and my body are really reflecting my age. I know I am only in my thirties but lately I feel so different. Like for instance I was on a walk last night and I saw a young girl walking into a store and I thought to myself “Oh my what is she wearing?!?!” Now if you would have asked me five years ago what I thought about her outfit I probably would have said “Gosh I wish I could wear something like that.” Another example is that my skin is sooo dry. Today I put lotion on got something out of my bedroom and walked back to the bathroom and my legs felt like they were in the desert. Do you lose moisture in your thirties? Is that a thing? I might spend some time on WebMD today.

The other day I was talking to someone and they mentioned they had some pain in their knee. I said “It must be the weather my knee is bothering me too.” What the what was I saying!?!? Not that I was lying I was having some pain in my knee but I never thought the weather would control how I was feeling at this age.

There are some things that are happening that make me think the clock has been turned back. The other day I was washing my face when I noticed a small patch of black dots on my chin. They were blackheads. I haven’t had those since high school. Then there is the pimples. I really thought being a ripe old 32 I wouldn’t have to deal with blackheads and pimples anymore. If you are anything like me when you get pimples they are always in the most embarrassing places. My latest outbreak included pimples on my chin and forehead. These things had their own zip codes; there was no way I could cover them up. This is just simply not acceptable. I probably don’t take care of my face like I should so maybe this is my face punishing me. If the clock is going to turn back I would like to have the figure I had in high school not the pimples.

No one told me that in my 30’s I would look my age, feel 10 years older and still have teenager problems. At the store I am buying zit cream, Icy Hot and ibuprofen. Not a combo I would have thought would be happening. I feel like this is a really cruel trick that is being played on me and I am hoping that it stops soon. Until then I will have to try to figure it out.

Fractured Time
Is the clock moving forward or back?


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