A day with some of my favorite littles

Today there was no school for our district so I got to have some visitors today 🙂 I watch a couple of my friends kids when there isn’t school. We always try to do something fun so today we explored the wide world of baking. We ended up making cookies AND cupcakes. Phew it was a sugar overload! Of course my little slept in until 9:00 a.m. I swear she knows the days that I am not able to sleep and she sleeps the day away. Anyway we had tons of fun listening to music (mostly Katy Perry) baking and decorating. Then we moved on to some Just Dance and Dog With a Blog. For some reason I just love that show! I am not much of a Jessie fan so maybe that’s why. That theme song gets stuck in my head for 12 hours if anyone mentions that show “Hey Jessie, Hey Jessie!” Ick.  Today the girls decided that they wanted to change Avery’s diapers. I was not going to say no to that. They each changed one and they were over it. It was great while it lasted. One of them requested to change a poopy one. (She had way to much sugar.) Sometimes we do mani/pedis or make crafts. I kinda feel like I am more on their level with crafts until you get that one kid that is really good at a mere nine years old.

It seems like every time I bake it reminds me of my Grandma and my Aunt. I would go there when I was little a lot because they lived down the road. We would bake and listen to music all the time. I thought it was the neatest thing when we would put jelly in the middle of our muffins when we made them.  It was great! After today I realized why they had me dry and put away dishes. I did three loads of dishes today and I do not have a dishwasher! They always made me what I wanted for lunch (which was usually a cheese sandwich and pickles) We would watch The Golden Girls and go in the garden in the mornings.  I loved going over there; they always had cats. My favorites were Bootie and Snoopy. Mother and son respectively. I still have pictures of them I took with my little pink camera 😉 I love that I have those memories and I wish my daughter could have the same with them but unfortunately they have both passed. So when she gets old enough we will definitely have some Golden Girls marathons while we are baking 🙂

Maybe I am old-fashioned or I live in Mayberry but I think it’s great when kids can hang out with family members or close friends by themselves without you and make memories together.  I have always been really close with all of my aunts and it is really nice. We go shopping, out to lunch or they come to visit. We try to get together once a year and bake cookies. Usually it’s around my aunt’s birthday that passed away since she loved baking so much.

So now that I think I have some followers (or so my email tells me) lets share some favorite memories with a close family member or family friend. I love hearing stories and I am in a Hallmark Channel kind of mood so let’s hear em’!!

2014-10-09 001 004
Our cookies 🙂 I put a little too much milk in them but they were still good!
2014-10-09 001 005
Cupcakes! We did frost them but in the mass hysteria I forgot to take pics of them frosted 😉
2014-10-09 001 006
Part of the kitchen mess