Ugh just turn the t.v. on

2014-10-07 001 001
Chalkboard that I had to do freestyle because the stencils fell through for me 😉

I never in a million years thought I would be the type of parent that would let my kid watch t.v. Then I had kids and everything changed. Tonight we were hanging pictures up in our daughters room and she wouldn’t behave. She has been a little stinker all day not to mention she slept like five hours last night and the night before and the night before that. I had gotten her a chalkboard butterfly to put on her door and I was trying with my trusty stencils to put her name on it then it happened. She would not stop; pulling chalk off of the table, climbing on the chair that I was sitting on and pretty much anything else she could do to get my attention. Side note on the stencils; chalk and stencils do not mix. Finally the t.v. babysitter saved me. The Bubble Guppies were on and peace was restored.

I am not against t.v. at all. I have a great appreciation and love for my television and that love runs deep. When I got pregnant I had always pictured me reading books and playing with my kids all of the time. I guess I forgot about the part that included laundry, cleaning and going to the bathroom. You know they never tell you that once you have children you will never go to the bathroom alone again. If I would have known that I would have definitely appreciated my bathroom time more.

I was one of those girls that people with kids laughed at behind my back. I had all of these ideas like my kids were never going to sleep with me, they would never watch t.v. and they would always eat everything on their plate. I probably thought they would never get dirty either. Gosh I was dumb. Now I have learned and all of those things I said I would never let happen, happened and continue to this day. If I met the girl that I used to be I would probably slap her and her little ideas.

Back to the television; you are probably picturing my daughter in front of the t.v. all day while I go about my day. Not true. I am not a Real Housewife of (insert county here) I have become a little more aware of the cleanliness of my home since I started staying home. Maybe because I have to look at my house all day now instead of spending most of time at work. I do have daily chores and then I add some things everyday if time allows. During those chores there is time for dancing, singing and playing. I usually have a little toddler following me and hugging my legs through most of it. There are some precious moments where she actually does pay attention to the t.v. and I can get a little something done toddler free.

All in all things get done and my floors get clean. Now the floors may be clean but there are a layer of toys on top of them. I guess it’s getting down to crunch time since the big Birthday party is coming so I am getting a little frazzled. Normally I would have rooms that are kind of off-limits to guests (Like that closet I shove all kinds of crap into when people come over.) But since we just moved into this house I know people are going to want to take a peek and see the work we have been doing. Which is fine but now I don’t have any secret hiding spots for my crap.  I know most people don’t see that spider web in the corner behind the desk but I know it is there. I guess if someone came over and inspected my house that closely I would probably have to ask them to leave.

I guess t.v. really isn’t that bad for kids as long as it’s not all they do. Avery has actually learned some things and she loves dancing and music now. I think it is because of the Bubble Guppies and the fact that I listen to music a lot.  Some of the cartoons are really cute and entertaining the first couple of times you watch them. After the 500th time they do start to wear on a person. Now it’s back to cleaning and getting hugged while I am doing it 🙂