CrAzY Cat Lady

Yup you guessed it, I have a furry bundle of awesomeness. A cat. Okay, so he can be kind of a jerk sometimes, well most of the time but I still love him. Like this morning when he refused to move off of the top step while I was carrying my daughter and then he bit me in the leg. He is slightly overweight, by like 10 pounds. I have to say though that he has always been there for me through the best of times and the worst of times. He has always stuck by me and never cares how I look, hair or no hair, normal size or plus size. Anyway I decided to do a little Ode to Percy (Percy is my cat) because I was feeling a little guilty that I hadn’t mentioned him in my little bio. When I found out I was pregnant with my son we really were thinking about giving him away. We were so worried that he would hate the baby etc. Well when we came home from the hospital after my son was stillborn Percy was definitely my bff. (After he got over me being gone for two weeks because I was on hospital bed rest.) He sat next to me while I cried it out and slept next to me every night. So when I got pregnant with my daughter we tossed around having to give him away again. We really thought he would be awful with a baby. Boy were we wrong! He has been pretty awesome with Avery. They have had many confrontations and he has been better than I ever expected. For instance, as I am sitting here writing this Avery was twirling in the living room and fell on Percy. He got up and walked away. Now if I would have done that he would have bit and scratched me. Anyway I really feel it is important for your kids to grow up with animals. Any animal will do. I had animals growing up and it was great! I could go into the whole having an animal gives kids responsibility and blah blah blah. Which it does but it also gives kids a friend. When I was little my cat would wait for me every day to get off of the school bus and I always loved that. After a looong day at school and then a bus ride it was always nice to see him sitting there. Now I don’t dress my cat up in sweaters or get his picture professionally taken or anything. Even though some of those pics are cute and he does have a tie for special occasions 😉 Anyway, enough of me bragging my cat up. I would love to hear some pet stories! Not sure if anyone else reads this but myself but if there is someone out in the internet world that stumbles upon this, comment and let me know your fav pet story. Oh and before I forget here are some pics of Mr. Percy 🙂2014-04-02 001 002 2014-09-13 001 002